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Spotlight's Ultimate Guide to Party Lighting

Do you love to add some lights to your party to create the best atmosphere, but having problems getting the right combination? Look no further, because Spotlight has created a comprehensible guide to party lighting. So, if you want to make your party stand out for all the right reasons, be sure to check out the top suggestions from our team below.

What Is the Right Balance for Party Lighting?

Contrary to what most people believe, the right balance of party lighting is quite delicate. You do not want the party to be too bright, but you do not want it to be too dark or foggy either. In short, you must find a balance of light where people can enjoy themselves in.

When creating a light balance, it is also important to remember that certain lights can set the mood. If you are worried about this aspect, some remote-controlled lighting can provide a solution - this in combination with the right DJ who is used to working with remote-controlled lighting at events.

There is a select number of DJs who bring their own lighting setup. However, these DJs are usually in high demand on usually require a higher fee.

What Is the Difference Between Regular Lights and Party Lights?

To create the right lighting balance for your party, you must understand the difference between regular lights and party lights. We are all familiar with regular lights, but party lights are quite different.

Party lights usually come in a larger 'can' format and have a colour filter in front of the bulb. Naturally, the colour filter creates the unique colour of the light for the party. These types of lights are quite common in clubs and bars.

When getting party lights for your event, do not forget that some party lights come with extra functions. Some lights have a dimmer switch, but more modern versions simply provide the convenience of LED technology and intelligent lighting.

Which Lights Should Beginners Choose for Their Party?

Anyone who is not that familiar with lighting and is still learning how to set the right party mood should start with the basics. The basics in the world of party lighting includes the cans and starter dimmer packs.

Once you become a little more proficient with the creation of the correct light balance, you can move onto LED lights and intelligent lighting. These will provide you with more options such as changing RGB colours, putting in strobe effects, and more.

While it is certainly tempting to start with LED and intelligent lights immediately, learning how to use effects and RGB colour changes takes time. It is always best to start at the beginning before you start with the most advanced equipment for your event.

Should I Use Party Lighting Modes?

If you already own a large selection of party lights, it is certainly not uncommon to encounter the so-called modes on your party lighting. While modes can be convenient and easy to work with, they can set the wrong tone at your party if used incorrectly.

Some lights enable you to change the RGB colours manually, while others have an 'automatic' mode that will make the changes for you. However, automatic modes do not incorporate the theme of your party, nor the music playing, unless it is done manually. So, do not resort to automatic mode unless you have no other available option.

Not only the colour and density of the party lighting is important, you must also consider the speed if you are working with strobe effects. Remember, strobe light that is too intense could put your guests off, so use this function wisely.



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