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Give Your Cakes A Professional Finish With Cake Smoothers, Scrapers & Spatulas

These quality tools will be the icing on the cake! You can create patterned, swirled or perfectly smooth fondant and icing on your cakes using Spotlight's range of icing scrapers, cake spatulas and fondant smoothers. Our icing spatulas, cake smoothers and spatula scrapers are made from quality materials from trusted brands like Roberts, Wilton and Mondo, and are easy to use for bakers of any experience.

How Do I Use Cake Scrapers And Smoothers?

Our cake decorating tools are easy to use and produce great results every time, allowing even beginner bakers to create a professional-looking cake.

  • Cake scrapers - our icing scrapers are ideal for smoothing the ganache or buttercream on your cake. This allows for any fondant to be applied on a perfectly smooth surface, and the straight edge can also be used to create clean corners and edges in your icing.
  • Cake spatulas - wielded like a painting knife, an icing spatula can be used to apply icing, smooth it into soft peaks and create a textured, classic finish on your cake. Many have an angled handle to help you keep your knuckles out of your icing!
  • Cake smoothers - using a turntable, you can hold a cake smoother to the edge of your iced cake and carefully turn it to create a smooth, even finish.

What Other Cake Decorating Tools Can I Find At Spotlight?

While a beautiful coat of fondant or icing is enough to finish a cake, you can go the extra mile by adding a little something extra! Spotlight has a great range of cake decorations you can choose from, including:

  • Number candles - celebrate a milestone event with some of our number candles! Coming in many colours and styles, they'll make any birthday or anniversary that extra bit special.
  • Cake toppers - whether it's a special message or a glittery shape, a cake topper can add the 'wow' factor to any dessert.
  • Edible toppings - hate having to 'undress' your cake before you eat it? Avoid the hassle and dive straight into your delicious dessert with our edible toppings!
  • Display packaging - show off your desserts while keeping them safe and sound in our cake boxes and display packages! They also make transporting your cakes a breeze.

    For everything else you could need to decorate your cake, check out our cake decorating supplies online or in-store.

    Find The Right Spatulas, Smoothers And Scrapers At Spotlight

    Find all the frosting spatulas, cake scrapers and icing spreaders you could need at Spotlight! You can view the full range online, or visit your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the cake icing spatulas, smoothers and scrapers you need.

    Online shoppers can choose from a range of payment options for their order, as well as home delivery.

    Be sure to check out our cake and confectionary projects page for great recipes to try out your icing tools on, such as our choc caramel layer cake or our icing flowers recipe.



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