Moon & Star Laundry Bags Project

Level: Easy


  • Bag - 75 x 102cm of Cotton Canvas Fabric
  • Star shape - 55 x 110cm of Cotton Canvas Fabric
  • Moon shape - 60 x 70cm of Cotton Canvas Fabric
  • 1.5m metallic macrame cord in 6mm thickness
  • Scissors, pins, safety pins, hand needle, tape measure, ruler & pencil
  • Sewing machine & matching thread
  • Overlocker



Step 1 - Overlock all edges of the 75 x 102cm piece. With right sides of fabric facing, fold the fabric across the width, aligning the long side edges. Pin the long side and base edges together. From the top sew down the side of fabric only by 4cm. Leave a 2cm gap and then sew remainder of the side edges together, leaving the top edges open.

Step 2 - To box out the base of the bag, press open base and side seams. Open out each corner into a triangle shape with the base seam running down in the middle of the opened out corner. With the point of the triangle pointing up, measure and mark across the corner a total of 18cm, 9cm on either side of the middle base seam. Sew across the marking and trim seam to 1cm and neatly overlock.

Step 3 - Turn bag right way out and press.

Step 4 - Working on the right side, make a fold up the height of the bag from each base corner to the top edge. Ensure that the side gusset between the folds is the same measurement as the boxed base of 18cm. Press folds firmly. Top stitch the lengths of the pressed folds 2mm in from fold.

Step 5 - To make the base, press a fold along the back and front of bag between the two side corners of the base of bag. Top stitch the width of these pressed folds 2mm in from fold.

Step 6 - To make the casing for the drawstring, press down the top edges of bag by 3.5cm. Sew around casing 3cm down from the top edge. Top stitch around the upper edge of the bag, 2mm down from the top edge.

Step 7 - With the help of safety pin, thread cord through the opening in the side seam of the casing and around the bag, back out the same opening. Knot the two ends together at desired length. Trim any excess cord.


Step 1 - From the template provided cut 2 x star/ moon shapes from canvas fabrics. With right sides facing, sew shapes together leaving an 8cm gap towards the base of the shape.

Step 2 - Clip and trim seams and corners. Turn the shape right side out through the opening. Press flat with the opening seam allowance pressed to the inside of the shape.

Step 3 - Top stitch along all outer edges of the shape 2mm in form the edge, securing the opening in the seam within the stitching.

Step 4 - Lay the star or moon shape on the front of the bag in the desired position. Hand stitch from the inside, picking up the reverse side of the shape only. Then tie off securely. Repeat around edge of shape until shape is securely attached.

Now you laundry bag is ready to use.



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