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Learn More About Common Cushion Filling Materials!

Filled cushions can be a great addition to your home, but it is always advised to check which material has been used to fill the cushion. Some people suffer from allergies, meaning they cannot be near a cushion that is filled with a material such as down or duck feathers. There is also the comfort level to consider, so reading through our guide below can certainly help you find the best filled cushion for your needs.

Why Should I Choose Cushions with Wool?

Wool is a natural filling, so it does provide a lot of the benefits of natural fibres. Wool filling is hypoallergenic, resistant to dust mites, and resistant to bacteria. So, anyone with a weak immune system or severe allergies will love wool cushions.

Most wool-filled cushions are reasonably priced, although they are more expensive than filled cushions with synthetic materials. Still, wool-filled cushions are cheaper than duck or down cushions.

Why Should I Choose Cushions with Microfibre?

Customers who are looking for affordability as well as hypoallergenic qualities can also choose cushions with a microfibre filling. Quality cushions with microfibres will feel the same as luxury pillows with down or feathers, which makes them an excellent alternative.

Microfibre is a synthetic material, so manufacturers can provide this filling material for a sharper price. Subsequently, cushions with microfibres tend to be the most affordable options in stores today.

Why Should I Choose Cushions with Down or Feather Filling?

Down and feathers have a reputation as the most comfortable filling material. However, since feathers and down are not manmade materials, they are a little more expensive to come by. Subsequently, cushions with down and feathers will be more expensive than cushions with manmade fibres.

Even though down and feathers provide outstanding neck support, the filling is not as suitable for people with allergies. Anyone with an allergy to feathers may experience swollen eyes and sneezing with a pillow that contains these materials, so for these customers it is best to choose a hypoallergenic filling such as microfibre and wool.

Why Should I Choose Cushions with a Foam Filling?

Some customers prefer that their cushions maintain their shape over time - this is a little harder with the other filling materials mentioned above. When those materials encounter moisture, it can affect the shape of the cushion. However, this is not a problem with a foam filling.

Foam filling moulds itself around your head and neck, but this does not mean it cannot provide the proper support! Foam-filled cushions come with a variable firmness - this includes soft foam, medium foam, and firm foam. Some manufacturers even provide foam fillings between soft and medium or medium and firm. Therefore, customers can always find foam-filled cushions to provide the support they require.

We must also mention that firm foam filling is not as suitable for sleeping pillows, since the firmness of the material is designed for the bottom of chairs and benches. If you want to obtain a foam-filled pillow for the bedroom, it is best to look for soft to medium foam fillings.

Want to Shorten Your Search for Cushion Filling?

Would you prefer cushions that are already filled with good filling material, opposed to making a cushion yourself? No problem, because Spotlight has a lovely range of pre-filled cushions and pillows.

Spotlight does provide supplies to customers who want to create their own cushions - this goes from cushion inserts to cushion covers and fabrics. So, if you have your heart set on creating your cushions from scratch, be sure to check out the supplies available at Spotlight too.



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