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Cook With Confidence Using Measuring Cups From Spotlight

No matter if you're a casual home cook or an expert baker, measuring cups are an essential part of ensuring your meal comes together properly. Using the right amount of ingredients is essential in baking, as your cake or bread may not cook properly with an imbalance of ingredients. Casual cooking might let you get away with more loose weighing and measuring, but you should still always endeavour to correctly measure your ingredients to ensure your flavours are balanced.

At Spotlight we've got a useful range of measuring cup sets for you to choose from in a variety of colours and materials. No matter if you need a large or small measuring cup, you can find the perfect measuring cup set for your kitchen here!

Measuring cup materials

You can find measuring cups made out of a few different materials at Spotlight.

  • Plastic measuring cups are light, strong and easy to clean. They are resistant to breaking but can be scratched.
  • Glass measuring cups are heavier than plastic or silicone and can break if dropped. But they will last you forever if cared for properly!
  • Silicone measuring cups are resistant to breaking, scratching and chipping, and are easy to clean. Their soft surface can make measuring some heavier ingredients difficult though.

Each of these measuring cups can be used as solid or liquid measuring cups - whether it's flour and sugar or butter and milk, you can measure it accurately using our measuring cups. Look for popular brands like OXO, Appetito and Avanti to ensure you're getting a measuring cup set you can rely on.

Measuring Cups FAQs

What is a measuring cup?

A measuring cup is a small, plastic or silicone cup with a handle. Measuring cups come in many sizes and are used for measuring ingredients needed for cooking and baking. Measuring ups are usually bought in sets, with each cup able to be stacked together or linked with a hook to keep your set tidy.

What size measuring cups do I need?

At a minimum, you will always want a measuring cup that is the same size as a standard cup. Many measuring cup sets come with several other sized cups for 1/2 cup, 1/4 cup and 1/3 cup, and even smaller sizes for dessert spoon, tablespoon and teaspoon measurements.

How do I clean my measuring cups?

Plastic, silicone and glass measuring cups are dishwasher safe, although because they are so small you may like to place them in the cutlery rack so you don't lose them. Measuring cups are also easy to hand-wash using warm water and soap. Avoid using scourers to clean your measuring cups, as they can be scratched.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other useful kinds of kitchen tools at Spotlight, including:

  • Measuring jugs: Our measuring jugs are ideal for adding large amounts of liquid to your cooking. They come in glass and plastic, with jugs as large as 1L available for you to use.
  • Measuring spoons: Perfect for adding small amounts of spices, liquids and baking essentials to your cooking, our measuring spoons come in handy multi-packs.
  • Mixing bowls: Our range of mixing bowls comes in a variety of sizes for you, so you can mix small or large amounts with ease.

Browse the full range of food preparation supplies online today!

Find the right measuring cups at Spotlight

Craft the perfect meal using measuring cups from Spotlight. Shop online, quickly pay and we'll deliver your measuring cup set straight to your front door. Or, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right plastic, silicone and glass measuring cups for your needs in person.

Make sure you're buying all the right things for your kitchen by consulting our kitchen appliance, tools & accessories and bakeware buying guides before making any purchases. And for fun kitchen ideas and inspiration where you can make the most of your new measuring cup set, read our blogs on making icing and hosting high tea and any of our cake and confectionary projects!



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