How can I decorate my home using throws and blankets?

Throws and blankets may be the most underrated styling element in your home. As well as keeping everyone warm and cosy, these versatile accessories can dress up rooms and furnishings in any number of stylish and practical ways. They can add texture, seasonality, colour and pattern - even extra protection for your favourite furniture.

Follow these simple styling tips and ideas, and your home will look like it's been given the interior designer touch in no time.


If you've ever flipped through a home decor magazine, you'll know the power of a throw blanket for bringing out the style in a couch, chair or bed. You might have also discovered through trial and error that there's more to draping them than meets the eye, even if the end result looks like you've simply 'thrown' them that way.

Play around with following approaches and see what looks best in your setting.

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Over the arm of the couch

The formal version of this popular drape for chairs and couches is sometimes known as 'waiter style' because it looks like the napkin neatly folded over a waiter's arm in a fancy restaurant.

To achieve this look, fold the throw lengthwise and drape it over the arm of the furniture then tuck the blanket in where it meets the arm. Smooth out the top to keep it neat.

The casual version of this drape involves folding the throw blanket in half vertically, then again. Drape it over the arm of your furniture as above but this time fan out the base of the blanket across the seat cushion creating a ripple effect.

Decorate Using Throws & Blankets

Over the back of the couch

An elegant drape for your throw blanket, the 'over the back' look is popular in formal or classic living rooms.

Fold your throw in thirds lengthwise, then drape over the back of your chair or couch in a straight line until it reaches the cushion. It can be placed to one side of a couch, paired with another at either end or stand alone down the centre.

Create a waterfall effect by folding it only once and extending it over the cushion toward the floor.

On the end of the bed

Fold your throw blanket lengthwise and then lay it across the end of your bed from side-to-side. Taking this approach can help break up the colour scheme of your bedding, and it looks especially good with textured throws.

On the corner of the bed

This is achieved in the same way as your lounge room throws. For a large throw blanket, fold in half then toss across the corner of the bed. For smaller throws, skip the folding - this relaxed look works best with more textured throw blankets.

On the headboard of the bed

For a different look, fold and hang a throw evenly over your bed headboard, just as you would with a couch.

On their own

If you have several throws and want to make a stand-alone feature of them, you can use a dedicated throw stand or basket to pack them into, rather than draping them on furniture. They'll be on display and guests can have their pick when they're in the mood to get comfy.

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Mix and match throws, drawing on colours around your home, to create interest and variety. For example, you might have a more neutral-coloured couch or bedspread, and the addition of a coloured throw or blanket can give it the personality that's needed.

Take care not too overdo it with patterns, however, because too many things competing for the eye will detract from your space. Bold, solid colours or simple patterns are trusty and stylish staples.

Throws are also useful for introducing texture and depth into a space. Large weaves, faux fur or wool change the mood of the room, and can be swapped as the seasons change. Layer lighter ones with darker colours, and mix different materials to add dimension and attract attention. Integrate other elements like throw cushions or - in the bedroom - sheets and doona covers, for more options. Our top tip is to choose an overall theme or style to work with so it feels cohesive, not cluttered.

You can even use blankets and throws to create a little magic for the kids too. Kids throw blankets that bring their favourite characters and worlds to life are a perfect finishing touch for a themed bedroom. A mermaid tail blanket will have someone feeling like a princess!


Throws and blankets can make any bedroom feel comfy and luxurious. Knit and chunky knit throws cultivate a personal and cottage atmosphere, while draping faux fur throws will give you an element of glamour and decadence.

In winter, electric blankets are the perfect companion to make sure you're toasty and turn cold toes warm. Electric blanketing can also aid health conditions and help regulate different temperatures for individual people sleeping in the same bed.

Adding a lush throw blanket to the guest room or spare room is an irresistible way to pamper your guests.

Fold your throws lengthwise and toss across the end of the bed, drape them on a bedroom chair or experiment by folding across the bedhead.

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Decorate Using Throws & Blankets


Among their other superpowers, throws and blankets can be a protective barrier for protecting your furniture against wear, tear, pet hair and other hazards. They can help extend the lifespan of beloved pieces for months or even years.

Throws can also mask existing issues, such as torn or marked fabric, or scratched furniture arms or legs. Just remember not to use your most expensive throws as a buffer because they need to be protected and loved too.

Whether you're using a throw blanket as a statement piece, to tie together an existing room style, or for its cosy qualities - by following these tips - we'll help you throw like a pro.

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