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Should I Use Face Paint For My Costume?

Whether you have a fancy dress party, theatre play or Halloween event to attend, adding face paint to your costume can help take your look to the next level. A clever application of costume paint and body makeup can completely transform your face, helping immerse you in your fancy dress and make your look more believable. Need some help buying face paint? Check out our ideas below:

What Looks Can I Create Using A Facepaint Set And Costumes?

You can create many amazing looks using a facepaint set and costume combination. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Children's Costume And Face Paint Ideas

  • Lion - become a fierce (yet cuddly) lion using any of our adorable lion costumes combined with a lion face paint kit. Other big cats like tigers and cheetahs also make great costumes, but we love the extra fluffy mane of a lion costume!
  • Clown - whether you want to be a funny or scary clown, our clown costumes and quality clown facepaint sets will help you achieve the look you want. Add a large wig to complete the outfit.
  • Princess - make it magical with a combined princess dress and face paint costume. Not only do we have a fantastic range of classic and Disney princess costumes available, but you can add accessories like a princess wand or wings to really take it to the next level!

Adult Costume And Face Paint Ideas:

  • Skeleton - this iconic Halloween look can be achieved with a full-body costume and a striking application of black and white skeleton face paint. Skeleton face paint also works well with other costumes - become a terrifying necromancer or undead sorcerer with the right outfit!
  • Witch - whether you are going for the classic green or a more mottled, warty appearance, our witch face paint kits go perfectly with Spotlight's huge range of witch costumes. Use a broom or cauldron prop to elevate your outfit.
  • Zombie - rip up some old clothes, perfect your shamble and become a zombie with some terrifying zombie face paint! Fake blood is great for adding to your outfit, and if you need some help creating a really gory look, check out our zombie face paint guide.

What Other Party Accessories Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find more than just face paint starter kits at Spotlight! Throw the ultimate party with:

  • Quality invitations and wrap - all your party paper needs can be found at Spotlight. Whether it's gorgeous gift wrap, impressive invitations or beautiful ribbons, we have everything you need online or in-store.
  • Delicious confectionery - our yummy lollies will satisfy even the trickiest taste buds! Classic swirl lollipops, chewy wrapped lollies and tasty gummies can all be found at Spotlight, perfect for picking out from a bowl or busting out of a piƱata.
  • Fun party entertainment - our party toys and games are great for events. Use them for game time during your party or fill party favours for guests to take home with them afterwards.

Find The Right Facepaint Sets At Spotlight

If you're buying face paint, look no further than Spotlight for all your face kits and costume needs. Choose your payment option online and select home delivery to receive your order quickly and safely. If you prefer to shop in person, head to your local Spotlight store and check out our party section to find everything you need for buying face paint.

For some face paint kit inspiration, check out our amazing face paint projects online, like this cool tiger face paint tutorial!



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