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Give your hallway a makeover by putting down one of these stylish, modern hall runners from Spotlight. Discover our hall runners to suit your style!

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What type of hall runners can I find at Spotlight?

Spotlight offers hall runners in different colours so you can easily match them with your existing decor. We have hall runners made out of polypropylene which makes them very durable and hard wearing while still being relatively affordable for their size.

What makes hall runners different from other area rugs?

Hall runners are much narrower and longer than area rugs. As its name suggests, hall runners are primarily designed to be used in hallways or any long narrow space. Hall runners are often used in high traffic areas, which necessitates the use of harder wearing materials. On the other hand, area rugs are often used to add a dash of style to a space and make it look cosier to hang out in. Compared to hall runners that are meant to be walked on, area rugs can be made out of a wider variety of materials that are nicer to stand or sit on.

Where can I use hall runners?

Hall runners can be used in places where area rugs don't normally fit. Aside from hallways you can put them in narrow entryways, foyers, kitchens and even along staircases. You can also place hall runners in between pieces of furniture where regular sized rugs are too big to fit. If a space is too long for one hall runner, you can use two or more runners to properly fill and dress up your floors.

What are the benefits of using hall runners?

When used along entryways and foyers, hall runners can make the space more welcoming. In areas where you spend a lot of time standing and walking like hallways and kitchens, hall runners can protect your floors from scuffs and scratches. They can also soften the sound of footsteps which is important in areas that require a bit of peace and quiet such as hallways that are near bedrooms, dens and offices. And just like a typical area rug, hall runners can be used to dress up plain floors and make them look less bare and empty.

How do I make sure my hall runners stay in place?

Since hall runners are often placed in high traffic areas, you want to make sure they don't move around too much or look too messy. Some hall runners come with a non-slip backing to alleviate this problem, but for those that don't have any special backing material, you can always place rug grippers underneath your runners to keep them from sliding all over the place. Rug grippers also help your runners stay flat and not have folds or wrinkles that you can easily trip on when you're not paying attention. Rug grippers are especially important if you have elderly people who have problems balancing themselves or young children who are always running around the house.

Rug grippers also provide an additional layer that further protects your floors from scratches. It also minimises the noise and vibration produced whenever someone walks on your rugs and runners.

What other types of rugs can I find at Spotlight?

Aside from hall runners, Spotlight offers a huge selection of rugs and door mats to dress up the floors in the different parts of your home. We have rugs made out of natural materials like cotton wool, jute, sheepskin and cow hides, as well as rugs made out of synthetic materials like polyester and polypropylene. Our rugs come in a variety of styles and designs ranging from multi-coloured prints and weaves, to extra plush shag carpets.

We also sell different door mats that are designed to contain dirt and grime from the outside and keep your floors cleaner. Door mats also absorb excess water from your shoes when it's raining outside or your bare feet when you get out of the shower.



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