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Our range of quality wool rugs at low prices at Spotlight are perfect for every space in your home. Discover our wool rugs and more at Spotlight.

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Where can I buy wool carpets online?

Here at Spotlight we have wool carpets with designs ranging from traditional Persian styles to more modern and abstract pieces. We also have wool rugs made out of Mongolian fur or lambswool that are excellent alternatives for shaggy rugs and animal hide rugs. Our wool area rugs come in standard sizes that are large enough to fill up most spaces like living rooms, dining rooms and bed rooms.

What advantages do wool rugs offer?

Wool has been used in carpets for hundreds of years. Only recently has its popularity been eclipsed by more affordable synthetic fibres like polypropylene, which look a lot like wool rugs but don't exactly share a lot of characteristics that make wool an ideal material for rugs. Due to the huge variety of colours wool yarns can have and it's wide availability, wool rugs can be woven into a huge range intricate designs. This is one of the primary reasons why wool has been such a popular choice for making rugs for so many years.

Wool is also a very durable fibre which is an important characteristic for rugs since it can be used in high traffic areas and heavy furniture can be placed on it without having to worry about it wearing thin after only a few years of use. Wool rugs also feel very soft and luxurious underfoot and against your skin. They are also good very good insulators and will feel warm and comfortable even if your floors are cold. In the summer, wool rugs are naturally breathable which helps moderate the temperature in a room.

Wool's natural oils help wool rugs repel stains and soiling. However, it's still a good idea to clean up messy spills off of wool rugs as soon as possible before it becomes too difficult to remove. In addition, wool rugs are very good at trapping loose dust and debris deep within its woven fibres until it is vacuumed out. They are also quite effective at deterring the growth of bacteria and dust mites. Wool rugs are made out of natural fibres, which make it easily biodegradable once you've gotten rid of it after many years of use. This makes wool rugs more environmentally friendly compared to synthetic fibres like polypropylene, polyester and nylon which will just take up more space in landfills.

Where should I place wool rugs?

Since wool rugs are very durable and great at resisting stains and spills, they are ideal for high traffic areas like living rooms and dining rooms. Additionally, with the huge variety of wool rug designs ranging from traditional to contemporary styles you can easily use them to reflect your own personal style in every room of your house such as your bedroom, den or nursery.

What other types of rugs can I find at Spotlight?

Aside from wool rugs we also offer a huge selection of made out of natural and synthetic materials, as well as hall runners and door mats. Our polypropylene rugs are a more affordable alternative to wool rugs and also come in a huge variety of designs. Unlike wool rugs, however, polypropylene rugs are not as durable and are not biodegradable. It is also not very good at bouncing back after being compressed which means it will eventually be flattened and thin out when used in high traffic areas or when heavy furniture is placed on top of it.

You can also check out our selection of shaggy rugs which use long strands of synthetic fibres to give it a lot of height and volume. These rugs feel extremely luxurious in use and are great choices if you're looking for rugs that you can really sink your feet into and even comfortably lie down on. Compared to wool rugs, shaggy rugs are much more difficult to clean especially when dust and dirt gets trapped deep within its denser layers.

We also have non-synthetic alternatives to shaggy rugs in the form of animal hide rugs. These rugs are typically made out of sheepskin or cow hides which make them very plush and comfortable. Animal hide rugs have unique colours and markings because every rug is made out of the skin of just one animal. If you're looking for more neutral earth tones, we also offer jute rugs that are made from highly sustainable plant fibres. Jute rugs are normally quite thick which make them very soft and comfortable underfoot.



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