Update your laundry room with a range of laundry accessories, from laundry baskets to steam irons. Explore the complete range from Spotlight today.

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Can I buy laundry items at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Laundry is a regular and inescapable part of the household chores for most of us, so making sure you have the correct utensils and equipment and having a well-organised and tidy laundry area is going to help you make the best of what is not a very popular task for many.

What is included in the laundry range at Spotlight?

Here you will find laundry baskets and hampers, ironing boards and ironing board covers, clothes airers, laundry product storage items and more to make your laundry tasks easier and more enjoyable. Descaler for your iron is also included in the range.

How can having the right equipment help me with my laundry tasks?

Having the right tools and equipment can help you do the laundry more efficiently and quickly, and can avoid problems that are time-consuming to rectify later.

1. Make sure your laundry is sorted in advance. Have separate laundry hampers or a divided laundry hamper and train family members to put dirty items in the right basket. Label if necessary, for instance with "whites", "coloured" and "delicate" labels.
2. Avoid wrinkles by hanging damp items on an airing rack or put a towel over the airing rack and use it to dry items such as jumpers flat to avoid sagging.
3. Add scent boosters to your wash to add a nice scent - not only is that great when wearing the clothing, it also makes your life better when ironing.
4. Save your back by using a laundry trolley with wheels if you have to take laundry to a laundry area or out to the washing line.
5. Keep laundry products close at hand with storage containers or baskets.
6. Shorten ironing time by using an ironing board with a larger surface or using a cover with a reflective heat pad, which can shorten your ironing time.
7. Invest in a few laundry baskets to separate the clean laundry into and get family members to carry their own clean laundry back to their bedrooms!

If you can turn your laundry area into a pleasant working environment, the washing and drying will seem less of a chore. Some people like to watch TV or play some favourite music while ironing, and you can get a stool to do some of your ironing sitting down too. Check the various products on offer here at Spotlight to help you make the best of your laundry duties, all available at the best possible prices.



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