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Create Professional Designs With Craft Machine Pens And Markers From Spotlight

Whether you're creating a birthday card, a wedding invite or a custom sticker, using cutting machine markers and pens is a surefire way to ensure your project has a professional finish. Spotlight is delighted to offer you a wide range of cutting machine pens and markers, with a variety of colours, ink styles and tip shapes available to suit your needs.

What craft machine markers and pens can I find at Spotlight?

You can find many different types of cutting machine pens and markers at Spotlight, including:

  • Fine point pens: These fine point pens have very narrow tips that are ideal for creating thinner linework for images and letters.
  • Glitter pens: Create colourful, glittery lines using the gorgeous cutting machine glitter pens.
  • Metallic pens: These shiny metallic pens come in classics like gold, silver and bronze, as well as gemstone-inspired hues like emerald-green and amethyst-purple.
  • Watercolour markers: These amazing markers can be used like a normal marker, then brushed over with water to create watercolour-like colours on your paper or card.
  • Washable fabric pens: A washable marker for fabric can be used on fabrics and clothing like tea towels, cloth napkins and bibs, as well as fabric craft projects.

Use these with a craft machine like the Cricut to create your projects!

Craft machine pens and markers FAQs

How are craft machine markers different from normal markers?

The specific pens and markers used with craft machines are designed to fit into the machine and work smoothly in tandem with the machine. The inks and tip shapes are not unique and can be found in regular pens, pencils and markers, and these can be used in a craft machine with the right adaptor.

How do I attach a Cricut pen?

Take the cap off your chosen Cricut pen and insert it into the auxiliary Clamp A. Keep hold of the bottom of the tool holder as you put the pen in and push the pen down until it clicks. Always wait to hear the click, as your Cricut pen won't work if it hasn't been snapped in.

What are washable markers for fabric?

Washable fabric markers create lines that can be washed out of fabric, so are great for making indicating and temporary guidelines in any project that uses materials.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other cutting and craft machine supplies you can use, which include:

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Find the right craft machine pens and markers at Spotlight

Ready to start crafting? Shop for Cricut Maker pens and other Cricut machine pens online at Spotlight, pay your way and we'll deliver your order straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the best Cricut maker pens for your project.

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