Paper Punches & Hole Punches

Take your paper crafting to the next level with paper punches at Spotlight. Create DIY confetti, greeting cards & more with the right craft punches.

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Explore the range of paper punches and hole punches at Spotlight to elevate your paper crafting game. With a paper hole punch, you can cut and style lace-inspired borders, punch out shapes such as squares, triangles and circles, and also produce heart, animal or star-shaped confetti in different sizes. Because of the wide range of shapes, sizes and designs achievable with a hole punch, it's not surprising that one of the most popular paper craft projects is making your own greeting cards and gift tags. Explore the selection of paper punches from leading brands like Fiskars, and discover easy to use lever punches and ergonomically designed hand punches at Spotlight today!

Paper Punches & Hole Punches FAQs

How to use a hole punch

Using a hole punch or paper punch is easy. Simply slide your chosen paper into the base of the punch and press the lever to cut out shapes of your choosing. With hand punches, hold the puncher in your dominant hand and your paper in the other. Then simply squeeze the handles together to punch out confetti or decorative shapes for card making. Many of the paper punches in Spotlight's range have generous capacity for holding your punched out paper pieces, making creating confetti and decorations a mess-free process.

How to sharpen a paper punch

If you find that your paper punch is not delivering the same cuts that it used to, it may be worth sharpening to breathe new life into your favourite paper punch tools! In the same way that you can sharpen pinking scissors, try punching through thick aluminium foil a few times with your paper punch. This will help sharpen the internal mechanism and cutting die.

What kinds of paper can I use with hole punchers?

Hole punches can be used with just about any decorative paper you desire! Just make sure

it comfortably slides into the base of the puncher. Most coloured paper & cardboard is compatible with paper punches - just remember to avoid heavy GSM papers as they can be more difficult to cut through. At Spotlight you can find beautiful printed loose paper, origami paper and cardstock for all your paper punching needs. We also have a wonderful range of card making supplies to beautifully match your decorative homemade cards.


Create gorgeous paper craft with Spotlight's extensive range of paper craft supplies. From paper punches, cutting tools, decorative paper & card, stamping supplies, stickers and more, we have you covered! Whether you enjoy scrapbooking, card making or just want to DIY confetti, Spotlight has everything you need to elevate your paper craft game. Shop the complete selection online to take advantage of easy home delivery for your order, or head into your nearest Spotlight store to explore the range of paper craft in person. Discover great inspiration with our FREE card making projects and papercraft & scrapbooking projects online. Featuring easy to follow instructions and convenient downloadable project sheets, Spotlight's projects are a fabulous way to get your creative engine running!



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