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Create Stunning Artwork With Art Inks Form Spotlight

Looking for an art alternative to pencils and paint? Try using any of the artist's inks from the range at Spotlight! Drawing with inks creates bold and bright colours on paper, and can be applied in a number of interesting ways. Use a pen and create calligraphy, pop some in an airbrush and create textured artwork or use a dropper for quick colour application.

What kinds of art inks can you find at Spotlight?

At Spotlight you can find three main types of art inks:

  • Acrylic inks: Bright, pure and permanent, our acrylic inks are lightfast, fluid and artist quality. Combine them with water to create a wash, or use a little water to create layers. Like acrylic paints, they are quick to dry and permanent once so.
  • Alcohol ink: Our bright alcohol inks are very quick to dry and perfect for creating jewel-like colours on synthetic paper. Use alcohol inks with isopropyl alcohol as a blending solution to extend and blend colours together.
  • India ink: This beautiful black ink is commonly used for writing, printing, outlining, drawing and calligraphy. This opaque, permanent black ink is usually used with a pen or brush.

Our ink brands include Reeves, Liquitex and Atelier.

Drawing ink FAQs

What is acrylic ink?

Acrylic ink is a pigment-based ink that is permanent and water-resistant, with a quick dry time and permanence once dry. This allows you to create multiple layers of colour without your ink colours bleeding together.

How to use drawing ink

To draw with ink, use a dip pen or calligraphy pen and dip it into your ink. Angle the pen if needed and start to draw your linework. For large amounts of colour or if you're looking to blend inks, use a brush instead.

What is alcohol ink?

Very fast drying with extremely vivid hues, alcohol inks are a fluid and waterproof medium that are permanent once dry. They can be used on any surface that is free from oils, but synthetic paper is the most common surface for artists to use alcohol ink on.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other amazing art supplies for you to choose from, including:

  • Art paints: All your new and classic art paints can be found here, including acrylic, watercolour, oil and gouache paints, in a wide range of vibrant colours.
  • Mediums: Our range of mediums can be used to give your paints an extra special effect, like a matte or gloss finish, a crackled body, a thick impasto shape or a fluid pour.
  • Craft paints: These paints are designed for use on unusual surfaces such as wood, glass, brick, fabric and ceramic.

Browse our full range of paint and painting supplies for all our other specialty paints and painting accessories, like painting knives and palettes.

Find the right drawing inks at Spotlight

Our range of beautiful art inks will have something for all artists. Shop drawing inks online, pay your way and we'll deliver your art inks straight to your front door. Alternatively, drop by your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the best acrylic and alcohol inks for your next project.

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