Eyelet Sheer Curtains

Dress your windows and doors around the house in elegant style with Spotlight's stylish and easy-to-hang eyelet sheer curtains. Shop online or in-store!

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Can I purchase Eyelet Sheer Curtains at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight offers a great range of these stylish sheer curtains, as well as a number of other sheer curtain options. Available in different colours, designs and styles, eyelet sheer curtains are sometimes sold as single panels, but some are sold as pairs, so make sure you read the descriptions of each product carefully to get the size and number of curtains you need.

What sizes do Eyelet Sheer Curtains come in?

The Eyelet Sheer Curtain single panels at Spotlight vary slightly between different brands but are on average some 130-140 cm wide with a drop of between 213 and 223 cm. The pairs of Eyelet Sheer Curtains come in a choice of different widths ranging from 140 cm to 300 cm at a drop of 223 cm.

How do I put up my Eyelet Sheer Curtains?

Eyelet Sheer Curtains look very stylish when fixed to a metal or wooden curtain rod. You will find a number of these curtain rods in stock at Spotlight, with a choice of colours, sizes and decorations to match any interior. Fix your Eyelet Sheer Curtains to your chosen curtain rod by threading the rod through the ready-made eyelets ate the top of the curtain, and your curtains are ready to hang!

Where can I use Eyelet Sheer Curtains?

As these are sheer curtains they will only filter the light, rather than block it, which makes them suitable for most windows except if privacy is essential. They can be used together with heavier curtains or can be teamed with a variety of blinds if you want to block more light from the room. Sheer curtains can be used in most areas of the house, although they are not usually recommended for kitchens.

What are my Eyelet Sheer Curtains made of and how do I care for them?

Most Eyelet Sheer Curtains are made of nylon or other lightweight, man-made materials, with metal eyelets. Because the material is quite delicate, it is not recommended to wash sheer curtains in any other way than by hand, and they are not suitable for tumble drying, spinning, wringing or dry cleaning either. They can be hung up again while slightly damp, allowing them to dry at the window. You should not have to iron sheer curtains but if yours have become wrinkled, use the lowest setting on the iron and use a cotton cloth between the iron and the curtain to avoid scorch marks.



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