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Can I purchase cotton blend yarns at Spotlight?

Yes, we offer a number of different cotton blend yarns in our huge yarn collection, for all your knitting, crochet and other craft projects. Browse our huge range of yarns today to be inspired by the array of colours and styles on offer and do not forget you can also get all your knitting and crochet essentials at Spotlight, as well as many other sewing and craft accessories.

What are the benefits of using cotton blend yarns?

It is often said that blended yarns offer the best qualities of each yarn to make a superior product. It may be that you prefer to use single yarns, such as wool, cotton or acrylic, but if you are tempted to try the blended yarns, here is some information on the most popular cotton blend yarns:

  • Cotton & Wool blends offer more resilience than pure cotton yarns because wool is more elastic than cotton. Anything made from a cotton & wool blended yarn will be warmer than if pure cotton is used.
  • Cotton & Acrylic blends offer a combination of the durability and lighter weight of acrylic, with the drape and feel of cotton. A great yarn for beach cover-ups, summer skirts, kids clothing and blankets.
  • Cotton & Silk blends give you that luxurious touch of silk combined with the softness and easy care of cotton. These blends can either have a soft sheen or be matte, depending on how the fibres are treated.
  • Cotton & Bamboo blends probably come closest to pure cotton, but the bamboo element makes for a bit more elasticity and because bamboo is a more sustainable and fast -growing crop than cotton, it also has ecological advantages.

What do cotton blends lend themselves to making?

Because of the natural properties of cotton, which make it soft, strong and great at wicking away moisture from the skin, it lends itself well to items such as baby clothes and blankets, summer garments and fashion accessories. The more cotton is included in your blend, the more you will need to take care that the item does not get wet, as cotton can stretch and lose its shape when that happens. That is why cotton blends are often preferred to pure cotton.

How do I care for items make from cotton blend yarns?

Most yarn labels will provide laundry instructions, so it is always wise to keep a band from your yarn to include with a finished product if you are giving it as a gift! Most cotton blends can be washed by hand or on a gentle setting in the machine, but it is not recommended to tumble dry cotton blend yarns unless the label states that it is OK. Drying your garment or item flat and gently reshaping it when damp will increase the lifespan.



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