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The huge variety of cake yarns are great for knitting, crocheting and other craft projects. Shop cake yarns at Spotlight to make colourful creations at home.

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Enjoy Colourful Cake Yarn From Spotlight

Round, cute and colourful, the cake yarn range at Spotlight has something for every knitter and crochet crafter! Our cake yarns are a neat and fun way to get your craft fix, and cake yarns come in a fantastic range of colours, materials and fibre styles.

Our cake yarns come from leading brand Caron, so you can rest assured any cake yarn from Spotlight will help you create quality garments and accessories!

Why choose cake yarn over a skein or ball?

Cake yarn has rounded sides and a flat top and bottom, which allow it to sit still on most flat surfaces. Yarn is pulled from the centre of the cake, and its flat shape means the cake won't roll around (and possibly off your workspace) as you knit or crochet. Skeins and balls are prone to shifting about when you pull yarn from them unless you keep them contained, although they aren't wound quite as tightly as cakes are either.

Cake yarn FAQs

What is cake yarn?

Cake yarn is the name given to yarn wound into a 'cake form' with a flat top and bottom and rounded sides. The yarn comes from the centre of the cake - as you pull the yarn out, your cake will ideally stay in place as you craft.

How to use cake yarn

Cake yarn is usually pulled from the centre, but if you're only using a little you can also pull from the outside. Pulling from the inside can eventually cause your yarn cake to collapse, which means you'll need to rewind it on a ball winder. But while pulling from the outside will cause your cake to move around, if you're only using a little it won't matter! Keep the cake in a bowl while you work if you're pulling from the outside to keep it in place.

How to stop cake yarn from coming loose

When you finish using your cake yarn for the day, you can use a bobby pin, hair clip or even a small piece of tape to clip the end piece of yarn to the cake to keep it all in place.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many different kinds of yarn for you to choose from at Spotlight, including:

  • Acrylic yarn: This synthetic yarn is easy to clean and comes in a great range of bright colours. It is more durable than most natural yarns.
  • Cotton blends: Blending cotton with other fibres can complement its softness and breathability with strength, stretch and durability.
  • Wool blends: Wool blends combine the warmth and gorgeous texture of wool with extra attributes like flexibility, durability and smoothness.

Look for baby cake yarns if you need softer baby yarn for your crafts. Browse our full range of knitting and crochet yarn online to see our collection of single-yarn skeins and handy yarn packs.

Find the right cake yarns at Spotlight

Spoil yourself with any of the adorable cake yarns from Spotlight today! Shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver your cake knitting yarn straight to your front door. You can also shop at your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you choose the right Caron cake yarn for your project.

For more information on everything needle art-related, read through our buying guides on yarn, hooks and needles. And for amazing knitting ideas and inspiration, read our blog on knitting for beginners and our interview with Fallon from Teacup Crochet Designs!



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