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What can I make with Wilton baking supplies?

You can bring your baking dreams to life using any of Wilton's cake decorating supplies. But what exactly can you use Wilton baking supplies to create?

Full-size cakes

Celebrate a birthday, graduation or milestone with a tasty cake everyone can enjoy. Wilton cake pans and Wilton cake tins come in classic shapes like square, rectangle and round that you can use to make single, double or even triple-tier cakes. Wilton cake pans are designed to be durable and to heat evenly, ensuring your cake cooks thoroughly in the oven.


Cupcakes are easy to eat and great for parties - plus they look gorgeous when displayed on a tiered dessert stand! Wilton has created cupcake tins to suit every occasion, from mini muffin pans to the impressive giant cupcake pan. Like their traditional cake pans, Wilton cupcake pans are designed to last and not warp over time, plus they heat evenly when you cook.

Cake pops

The ultimate party food, cake pops are a mouthful of tasty goodness that makes them the mess-free alternative to cupcakes and cake slices. Wilton cookie and cake pop sticks are perfect for creating these tasty treats on, plus they are made of paper and can be popped right into the recycling after use.

What Wilton supplies do I need as a beginner?

Besides all the basic baking ingredients you can grab at your supermarket, here are the Wilton supplies you need as a beginner to make a gorgeous cake.

Cake tin

Wilton cake tins or a Wilton cake pan is the perfect base to bake your cake on. Each pan has been carefully designed for maximum durability, longevity and even heating in the oven. Wilton cake pans clean up easy and can last many years if taken care of.

Piping bag and tips

Rather than just slathering your icing on with a knife, try using a piping bag and specialised tips to turn your cake from a dessert into a work of art! Wilton piping tips come in a huge range of styles, from classic stars and waves to more intricate flowers and sieve-style tips.

Icing and sprinkles

Find icing in every colour of the rainbow and sprinkles in all sorts of shapes, colours and textures at Wilton. You can buy your products individually or in a special Wilton cake decorating kit.

Find the right Wilton baking supplies at Spotlight

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For any other baking goods you need, make sure to check out our entire baking section online and our handy buying guides. And for baking inspiration, let our projects page nudge you in the right direction!



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