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Make getting a good night's sleep easy with some quality Tontine bedding from Spotlight. Tontine offers quality pillows, quilts, mattress toppers and doonas, as well as protective pillow covers for your bed. Our selection of Tontine pillows, Tontine quilts and other bedding are all designed to help you sleep soundly throughout the coldest or hottest Australian nights, by ensuring you can stay cool and comfortable while you rest. Try Tontine and feel the difference today!

Why choose Tontine?

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Tontine has been supplying Australians with quality bedding since 1870, and continues to innovate in its material and manufacturing practices to stay ahead of the game. Proudly Australian-made and owned, Tontine is keen to support Australian workers and their families, as well as pioneering the use of recyclable plastics in bedding. Did you know that Tontine is the original source for the Aussie word 'doona'? If you love a good, cosy doona, try a Tontine doona and enjoy the comfort of this very Australian piece of bedding!

Tontine FAQs

Do I need a Tontine mattress topper?

Tontine has a wonderful range of mattress toppers made from natural materials like cotton, as well as synthetic memory foam options. A Tontine mattress topper can provide structure to a sagging mattress, as well as softness and warmth should you feel you're not getting enough from the rest of your bedding. If you get a Tontine mattress topper, it should go over your mattress and under your Tontine mattress protector, sheets and blankets.

What is memory foam?

Many Tontine pillows and mattress protectors are made from memory foam, which is a synthetic material that, when warmed by your body, will meld to your shape and 'remember' it afterwards. Memory foam is often best for cold sleepers, as it retains heat quite well, although there are cooling gel varieties that will help cool you down instead.

Do I need a pillow protector?

If you have found the perfect pillow that supports your head and neck best, extend its life with a fitted Tontine pillow protector! A pillow protector will help keep your pillow clean and free from pests, as well as add additional properties to your pillow like breathability and softness. Much of the time a pillow protector will zip closed, providing your pillow with total protection from the outside.

What Else Can I Find For My Bedroom At Spotlight?

Create a haven for sleep with these additional bedding products, as well as your Tontine bedding!

  • Bed quilts - the right bed quilt will provide comfort and warmth, as well as be a great way to style your bed to suit the rest of your bedroom.
  • Fitted sheets - a fitted sheet may be a bit of a nightmare to put on, but they're worth it! A fitted sheet gives you a smooth and soft surface to sleep on, as well as helping protect your mattress (which you can't easily wash) from oils, dirt and liquids that may otherwise come into contact with it. If you want Tontine sheets to match the rest of your bedding, look for a set that includes a fitted sheet as well as top sheets.
  • Bed pillows - the right bed pillow can be the difference between an amazing full night of sleep or waking up with a sore neck and a headache. Find the right pillow here!

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Dream the nights away with the right bedding from Tontine! Shop the full range of Tontine doonas, quilts and pillows online, where your order will be delivered straight to your front door. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store, where our friendly team will help you find the right Tontine quilts, pillows and other bedding in person. Read some of our bedding buying guides for help on buying the right products for your needs, and don't forget to check out our decorate blog for amazing home styling inspiration!



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