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Trims, fringes, foams and whatnots for upholstery

Upholstery accessories are the fabrics, linings, trims, fringes and tassels - stuffed and secured with foams, pins and tacks - that you might use to embellish your DIY upholstery and sewing projects. These little finishing touches can take your handmade-from-scratch project to a designer level or be the essential element for jazzing up vintage clothing, handbags and other accessories.

Upholstery fabrics
Upholstery fabrics are distinct from other fabrics due to their density and durability. Available in plain and patterned varieties, you can upholster your furniture in everything from stretch denim to sumptuous velvet or from imitation leather to heavy tapestry fabric.

Fringe tassels
Suitable for modern and classic interiors, fringe tassels come in a huge range of colours, from soft pastel tints to rich jewel colours and contemporary bright shades. Available to buy singly, you can choose as many as you need to tie back curtains or adorn cushions and throws. Tassels also look great when attached to a large key in your internal doors or locks on bureaus, drawers and the like.

Furnishing trims
As well as tassels, there are many other furnishing trims, such as fringing and braids, that can add glamour and pizzazz to your upholstery project. For example, you might like to attach some braid for a classic look or cord for minimalist detail. Whether you add them to lampshades, windows, furniture or fashion, furnishing trims are highly versatile, which means they're only limited by your imagination.

Furniture foam
This type of foam comes in handy sheets for a variety of projects - filling seat pads, bed heads and cushions, stuffing certain toys and other craft or homemade items. Hypoallergenic and odourless, furniture foam is safe for use in and around the home, and can be hand-sewn, stapled and glued together if required.

Twist pins
These clever little pins are ideal for securing loose covers, armrests, bed skirts or valances, antimacassars and even sagging car ceiling linings. You simply stick them into upholstered furniture or other soft compounds and then twist them to hold in place. With their small heads, twist pins are almost invisible and they will stay put securely for a long time.

Upholstery tacks
Upholstery tacks are larger than twist pins and often used as a decorative way to secure fabric or trim in upholstered furniture - stools, chairs, bed heads and more. It's common to see traditional chairs and stools that make a feature of upholstery tacks along the edges of seats, seat backs or other areas. They can also be used to hide edges that have been stapled together with a staple gun.

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