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Your Ultimate Guide To Pre-Cut Fabrics

Pre-cut fabrics are extremely popular among crafters because of their multitude of benefits. But which benefits do pre-cut fabrics deliver? And what are the different types of pre-cut fabrics someone can acquire today? Spotlight aims to answer all these questions today.

What Are The Advantages Of Acquiring Pre-Cut Fabrics?

Buying pre-cut fabrics can provide you with multiple benefits. One of the main benefits is that pre-cut fabrics are a massive time saver. When you make a quilt or sew another project, how much time do you spend cutting those fabrics? By eliminating the need for cutting or measuring, pre-cut fabrics can save crafters a huge amount of time.

Another massive benefit of pre-cut fabrics is that they are easier to store than the fabrics you purchase off the roll. You can place these pre-cut fabrics in a small, transparent storage box or any other small storage solution you have space for. Since space is at a premium for most crafters, this is another important benefit to have.

Crafters who use pre-cut fabrics are also less likely to waste fabric. Since the fabric is cut already, you cannot make any cutting or measuring errors. And while some projects can involve some additional cutting, the pre-cut shape of the fabric makes it much easier to get the shape you require - for example, a triangle can be easily made from a fat quarter.

Pre-cut fabrics also make excellent samples. If you tend to stick with the same fabric manufacturer and want to try another, then smaller pieces of pre-cut fabrics enable you to test the product without spending too much money. You can even buy a combination of different pre-cut fabrics, enabling you to test various fabric options from the same manufacturer.

The final benefit of pre-cut fabrics is that you do not have to worry about the colours and the patterns matching. You can buy pre-cut fabrics with the exact same design, but also bundles that contain complementing colours and patterns. These prove especially handy for patchwork quilting!

What Are The Different Types Of Pre-Cut Fabrics?

There are many different forms of pre-cut fabrics. It is a good idea to get familiar with these different types, as they can have applications for a multitude of projects. Certain pre-cut fabrics also provide benefits over others, so let us take a look at the primary differences you need to be informed about.

Fat quarters: These are the most common pre-cut fabrics for patchwork quilts. They have a square shape and can come in a variety of sizes, so it is important to check the size if you are buying a bundle. Purchasing a bundle of fat quarters also allows you to work on more than one project. Bundles can contain large quantities of these fabrics, which means you can easily make two to three quilts with one single bundle.

Fat eights: A little less common than the previously mentioned option, but still an important one. This option is usually used by crafters who create accessories. You can usually recognise fat eights by their rectangular shape. They are quite similar to fat quarters in every other way, only the width is halved. Obviously, this does limit them a bit more in terms of versatility.

Jelly rolls: Another popular addition to the craft room is a selection of so-called jelly rolls. These rolls are used to create borders, or to do binding and sashing. As a result, jelly rolls can be used for a variety of different projects, this ranges from placemats and table runners to baby quilts.

Layer cakes: When you want to create a quilt without much fuss, then you could certainly benefit from layer cakes. A bundle of layer cakes provides you with large pre-cut fabric squares that can be turned into a quilt simply by sewing them together. In addition to making a quilt in minimal time, layer cakes are also used for other projects such as handbags, applique, and even decorative pillows. If these are some of the projects you would like to tackle, then layer cakes must find a permanent place in your hobby room.

Charm bundles: Charm bundles are not as known when it comes to fabrics, but they are useful nonetheless. The charm bundle is basically a collection of smaller fabrics that can be used for easier projects. Of course, experienced crafters can also use them for some of their smaller projects. So, be sure to add some of these to your hobby room.



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