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Discover The Different Types Of Cotton Fabrics For Your Crafting Projects At Spotlight!

There are many fabrics you can use in your crafting projects these days. In fact, even a natural fibre such as cotton produces different fabrics with their own unique characteristics. For crafters who like to work with cotton, but would like to know more about the variants, we have created a comprehensive guide below.

What Is Pure Cotton Fabric?

As the name suggests, a pure cotton fabric is made from 100% pure cotton. It is often the best option for crafters who are just starting to sew, as the material is relatively easy to cut and sew.

When selecting pure cotton fabric for your project, it is necessary to consider the overall weight of your fabric. For example, lightweight cotton fabrics are best for projects such as shirts and dresses, while heavier fabrics should be reserved for pants, curtains, sheets, and other items that require some extra durability.

What Is Cotton Drill Fabric?

Cotton drill is quite the versatile material. Not only is this type of cotton fabric incredibly strong and durable, it comes in an incredible number of colours. So, if you wish to choose something a little bolder for your sewing project, a cotton drill fabric might do the trick.

A cotton drill fabric is manufactured with a so-called twill weave. The twill weave gives the cotton quite the unique look, but it also adds strength to the fabric itself. It also makes the cotton fabric a little heavier, which makes cotton drill more suitable for anyone who is looking for medium to heavier weighted fabrics.

Crafters can easily recognise genuine cotton drill fabric by the diagonal lines that run on it. Due to its unique texture, the fabric can heavily resemble denim, although the feel of the material is smoother. In conclusion, cotton drill is perfect for durability and sturdiness, while retaining some of the comforts associated with cotton.

What Is Duck Cotton Fabric?

Only experienced crafters are familiar with duck cotton fabric, as it is one of the heavier cotton fabrics out there. Heavier fabrics can be more difficult to work with, so this type of fabric is not often recommended for beginners. That being said, duck cotton fabric does come with a large amount of benefits.

Duck cotton fabric is a tightly woven fabric, and this certainly contributes to the overall weight and the durability of the fabric in question. Due to its heavy weight and extreme durability, it is commonly used in projects where such durability and heaviness is required; this includes tents, heavy work clothing, handbags, heavy-duty bags, and the like.

What Is Cotton Canvas Fabric?

The resemblance between cotton canvas fabric and duck cotton fabric is uncanny. In fact, a lot of people tend to interchange the terms cotton canvas and duck cotton. That being said, there is difference between both. When comparing duck cotton to cotton canvas fabrics, you will notice that duck cotton is more tightly woven than cotton canvas; this means cotton canvas is not as heavy as duck cotton.

While cotton canvas might not be as heavy as duck cotton, the fabric is still counted among the heaviest cotton fabrics out there. Due to its heavy nature, it is also used for many heavy-duty projects. If duck cotton is a little too heavy or too tightly woven for your project, cotton canvas might be the fabric you are looking for.

Which Fabric Is Best For My Sewing Project?

When you obtain one of the patterns from Spotlight, the instructions inside the pattern will provide you with fabric recommendations. If you are unsure about the type of fabric you should use, then you can fall back on your pattern to help you make that decision.

We must mention that certain cotton materials are easier for beginners to work with. However, we do advise choosing a lightweight cotton fabric opposed to the heavier duck cotton and canvas cotton. Remember, the thicker and heavier the fabric, the harder it will be to work with. Of course, if you are an experienced crafter, do not hesitate to experiment with some of the heavier fabrics available because some amazing effects can be achieved with those kinds of fabrics!



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