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Can I purchase Cord fabric at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Corduroy, or cord, fabric is quite distinctive because of its ribbed appearance, which is down to the type of parallel weave. It is a sturdy and versatile fabric that can be used for making clothes, bags, baskets and many other craft projects including dolls and storage items. Some corduroy fabrics can also be used for interior projects like upholstery or soft furnishings.

How is Corduroy fabric made?

Corduroy is a fabric with a woven rib that has a velvet-like nap (A nap occurs on fabrics where the fibres are not vertical but lean over in one direction, creating a different feel and appearance from opposite sides. Think of velvet or velour, both of which have a nap too). The fibres in Corduroy are twisted together and woven into parallel ribs (also called wales) that result in Corduroy's distinct pattern.

Corduroy comes in a variety of wale thicknesses. Wide wale corduroys are often used in trousers and pants, while narrower wales are used in jackets or dresses. Corduroy can be made from cotton, rayon or other fabrics, and can come in different weights. Wide ribbed corduroy is known as wide wale, and narrow ribs are often referred to as pin cord, pinwale cord or needle cord. Corduroy can also be a stretch material.

Why is it called Corduroy?

Corduroy fabric has been in use in Europe since the 14th century, although some sources say it may have been invented by the Egyptians as far back as 200 AD. The word corduroy was first used in England around the late 18th Century after its arrival from France, where it was very popular with the monarchy of the time, and is thought to have grown from the translation of 'cloth of the King' (corde du roi in French). It had a popularity revival in the 1970s and many vintage Corduroy items are still available today.

How do I look after items made of Corduroy fabric?

Most items made from Corduroy can be washed, but some care must be taken to make sure that the nap is not damaged. Here are some tips to maintain your Corduroy items in good condition:

  • Check the care label to see if it is safe to wash and what temperature to use. Machine washing your Corduroy garment is usually possible as the fabric is very durable.
  • Do up buttons or zips and turn it inside out before washing.
  • Do not overfill your washing machine as this will crush the pile on your Corduroy item. Choose a gentle wash cycle with a short spin, use the reduced crease setting if you have one.
  • Never wash Corduroy with other fabric that produces lint, such as towels, fleece, felt, woolly jumpers, as the lint will attach itself to the corduroy and be hard to pick off again.
  • Take care with dark coloured Corduroy items as they may run due to the dye that has been used.
  • To dry Corduroy items, make sure you do not hang items over a hanger or use pegs as these can leave visible marks in the fabric.
  • Use a padded hanger where possible, and always iron inside out if ironing is needed.


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