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Whether it's an organza bag, gift box or a gift bag, Spotlight has all your gift-giving needs covered! Our huge range has something for everyone, from Disney themed gift bags to beautiful floral bottle bags. Shop our range to find the perfect gift bag for your next party, event or get together.

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What are organza bags used for?

Organza bags are made from thin, plain weave material and are widely used as elegant and beautiful gift pouches. They are the perfect choice when wanting to gift someone a special present. Another popular use for organza bags is to use them as a fragrance bag by filling them with dried lavender, sage, potpourri mixture and other flowery scents.

What are some cool gift box ideas?

If you want to go all out when giving a special gift to a loved one or close friend, then a gift box is an excellent choice. For a personal touch, customising your own gift box is a great idea. Our Shamrock Craft Wood Gift Box provides the perfect blank canvas to create something special, and our range of paint and painting supplies has everything you'll need. Try painting love hearts for your significant other, or maybe some snowmen if it's during Christmas.

What do you put in a gift bag?

When it comes to creating a gift bag, the options are endless! If it's for a birthday party, then filling your gift bags with something to eat is a good choice, such as lollies, chocolate bars and biscuits. If you're hosting a kid's party and want to avoid sugar, then you can fill your gift bags with crayons, pens, pencils and colouring books. A great idea for teenagers and adults is to fill your gift bags with cosmetics, coupons, music CDs and perfume/cologne.

What gift accessories can I find at Spotlight?

  • Gift tags and cards: let your friends and family know just how much you care about them with our range of gift tags and cards. Our keepsake keys are perfect for 21st birthdays and our luggage gift tags will make sure your valuables won't ever go missing again.
  • Gift wrap: there is nothing better than receiving a present that is wrapped in gorgeous wrapping paper. Our range of gift wrap will ensure every face in the room will light up when gifting your present.
  • Party invitations: whether it's a Disney party, a summer theme, a wedding invite or more, our huge range of party invitations will create a personal touch and make them feel special when inviting your guests.
  • Ribbons and Bows: perfect for putting the finishing touches on a gift bag, present, homemade gift box, Christmas tree and more, our huge range of ribbons and bows has all your needs covered.

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Explore our huge range of gift bags, boxes and organza bags to find the perfect way to gift a meaningful present to someone special. Check out our card making projects if you feel like adding a homemade touch, and our emergency gift stash guide has you covered if you're searching for a last-minute present.

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