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From clown, mad scientist and blonde wigs to cute head boppers, wig caps and hair extensions, Spotlight has everything you need to create the most fantastic costume for your next party. Whether you're going as Elvis, a hippy, your favourite Disney character or more, we have your wig and hair needs covered.

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How to put on a wig

To ensure your new wig fits properly and sits nice and snug, here's a quick breakdown of how to put on a wig:

  • Starting at the front, gently place the wig over your hair and make sure all your hair is tucked in and not sticking out.
  • Depending on what style of wig you have, look in the mirror and adjust to make sure the wig is centred.
  • Give it a little wiggle to make sure the wig is sitting securely in place and do one last check for any hair sticking out underneath.

How to wash a wig

Washing your wig after a big party is easy with these simple steps:

  • Mix a little bit of wig shampoo with cold water, then soak the wig for around five minutes.
  • Using a toothbrush or a small brush, gently clean any stains that are on the cap.
  • Now gently rinse the wig under cold running water.
  • Grab a towel and carefully pat down the wig to avoid stretching out the wig fibres. Leave it to completely dry out, and remember: using a hairdryer will damage the wig.

How to put in hair extensions

As a perfect accessory to any costume, here's how to put in hair extensions to ensure your costume is looking stylish:

  • Start by sectioning off your hair and then securing it to the top of your head.
  • Using a comb, section out small pieces of hair so the extensions can easily clip onto the roots.
  • Open up the clips on the hair extension and attach to the small section of hair, making sure it's as close to your scalp as possible, then close the clips shut.
  • Repeat this step until all the hair extensions are clipped on.
  • Let down the top section of your hair and then backcomb into the extensions to better hide them.

What types of other Party Accessories can I find at Spotlight?

  • Masks: whether it's a masquerade, Halloween or a birthday party, our huge selection of party masks are the perfect wow factor for your costume.
  • Jewellery & glasses: our vast range of jewellery and glasses includes disco ball earrings, Elvis glasses, Harry Potter glasses, colourful necklaces, rings, bracelets and so much more!
  • Hair accessories: with a huge selection of fun scrunchies, hair rings and clips to choose from, shop our range of hair accessories to complete your costume and look stylish.
  • Makeup & body paint: when your kid has a birthday party or you're wanting to go that extra step with your costume, our huge range of makeup and body paint will have everything you need.
  • Hats & headwear: from umbrella hats, fedoras and swag hats to colourful tiaras, crowns and headbands, you'll find everything you need at Spotlight.

Find the Right Wigs, Wig Caps and Hair Extensions at Spotlight

Whether you're after funny wigs for men, blonde wigs, cosplay wigs, hair extensions or more, our range at Spotlight has everything you need to ensure your costume will look amazing!

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