Treat The Sewing Lover In Your Life This Christmas With A Gift From Spotlight

Treat The Sewing Lover In Your Life This Christmas With A Gift From Spotlight

If you've got a sewist in your life, you'll know how the right sewing supplies can make their craft so much easier, and more satisfying. At Spotlight we've got all the sewing supplies sewists need for their hobby, and gifting them some for Christmas is never a bad idea! This gift guide will showcase our top 5 categories we think you should check out for great Christmas gifts for sewers - read on to find the perfect gift for your sewist friend or family member.

Time-Saving Sewing Machines

Sewing machines save time and produce professional results, so are a must-have for any sewist wanting to do more than hand-sew buttons or fix small tears! Keep an eye out for brands like Semco, Janome, Singer and Elna, which have been producing sewing machines for decades and have many spare parts and accessories for you to use with your machine.

Make sure to figure out if your sewist would prefer a computerised/digital or manual sewing machine. Digital sewing machines have many quality-of-life improvements and ready-made patterns you can use, and some even connect to the internet, allowing you to download extra patterns. However, these can be tricky to use, and also hard to fix if something goes wrong.

Manual machines are great to learn on and easy to use - they'll do what you need them to, with no frills and fuss. They're easy to fix too! But experienced sewers may find them limiting, and they can be very heavy compared to digital sewing machines.

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Time-Saving Sewing Machines

Helpful Haberdashery

All the little things sewists can't live without are in the haberdashery category! These are the supplies that give sewn clothing shape, help fasten them and keep them together while you wear them.

Sewing necessities like threads, elastics, needles and pins are all must-haves for sewists, and we've got them in a range of colours and materials to suit the fabric they're working with.

We also have a range of fasteners, including zippers, buttons and hooks and loops to keep your crafted garments together. With options for invisible and decorative fasteners, we've got a fastener to suit every type of clothing!

Finally, do you have someone interested in starting sewing as a beginner? Get them one of our useful sewing kits, which includes everything a newbie sewist needs to get started. They can also double as a useful travel kit for more experienced sewers!

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Helpful Haberdashery

Gorgeous Ribbons And Trims For Special Projects

Help your sewist make their projects a little extra special with the right ribbon or trim. Whether it's on a sleeve, hem, collar or rim, the right trim or ribbon can turn any garment from drab to fab!

We've got an excellent variety of trims to choose from, including fancy trims in elegant colours and designs, fringe trims for a more retro look, feather trims for some extra razzle-dazzle and pom pom and tassel trims to draw eyes to a certain part of the garment.

For a more understated (but still stylish) effect, try our braided and twill tapes as a trim, or use piping and cord for a pop of colour along a section of clothing. Or go in the opposite direction with some bold and vibrant ric rac!

Ribbons are also great for adding detail to sewn projects - choose from satin ribbon, organza and tulle, grosgrain and twill and jacquard ribbons to gift your sewist friend or family member.

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Gorgeous Ribbons And Trims For Special Projects

Handy Sewing Patterns For Dressmakers

Talented sewers will love making use of any of our sewing patterns. We've got sewing patterns for men, women, children, babies and even pets - sewers will be able to make dresses, jackets, pants, shirts and more with the right sewing pattern, using their fabric of choice!

Sewers who love to sew crafts, rather than make clothes, will enjoy our craft and accessory patterns. With guides for everything from plush animals and pillows to bags and doll dresses, any crafty sewer will be hooked on using Spotlight's creative sewing patterns to make their pieces!

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Handy Sewing Patterns For Dressmakers

Quality Quilting Tools and Accessories To Elevate Quilt Making

The right tools will make any job or hobby much easier, and this definitely applies to quilting! Our quilting tools include everything you need to quilt safely and effectively.

New quilters should make sure they have all the quilting basics - gifting them a quality mat and some cutters is a great place to start. Or get them a quilting kit, which has everything they'll need in one handy pack!

Tools to help your quilter make straight and correct cuts are also essential - tools like quilting rulers, washable pens, pins and clips will all ensure the quilter is making exact cuts in their fabric, which will result in a neat and impressive quilt!

Experienced quilters will appreciate extra quilting glues and tapes (used for holding layers together while you work) and useful quilting accessories like basting spray, seam rollers and rippers, paper templates, thimbles and gloves.

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Quality Quilting Tools and Accessories To Elevate Quilt Making

Discover Amazing Sewing & Quilting Supplies At Spotlight

Sewing lovers of any experience will appreciate sewing supplies from Spotlight this Christmas! Browse the full range of fabrics and sewing supplies and amazing quilting supplies online, safely pay and we'll deliver your Christmas gifts straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the right sewing supplies for your gift in person.




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