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A quilting tool kit makes it easy for beginners to put everything together & create a stunning quilted object. Shop with Spotlight online or in-store.

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Tackling the craft of quilting

Quilting has been a popular craft for hundreds of years in many cultures around the world. Quilts can be used for warmth, for decorative reasons such as in a wall hanging, and in some ancient civilizations the pictures in the fabric squares portrayed stories.

Quilts often become family heirlooms, passed down through generations. A handmade quilt makes a beautiful gift for a newborn baby or for someone special.

A quilt consists of three fabric panels - the backing, the middle wadding and the top piece which is made up of several individual fabric squares sewn together.

When you first take up the craft of quilting, the terminology can be baffling and setting yourself up with a range of fabrics and all the necessary equipment can be a little daunting.

A good place to begin in order to reduce the complexity and cost of your new quilting hobby, is to visit your local Spotlight store or shop online at Spotlight and purchase a quilting kit.

What will I find in a quilting kit?

Spotlight's quilting kits such as theBirch Start to Quilt Kit contain some basic quilting essentials.

A cutting mat and a cutting tool are must-haves, as are safety pins, quilting pins and quilting needles. A quilter's pencil and a special quilting ruler complete the kit. Add to that a selection of fat flats, jelly rolls and charm packs, your choice of wadding and backing material, along with a sewing or quilting machine and you are well on your way to creating your first unique quilted masterpiece!

For beginners Spotlight's Squares Simple Quilts Kit 110 x 110 cm or the Triangle Simple Quilts Kit 90 x 108 cm in 100% cotton are easy fabrics to get started with.

Combined with Spotlight's lowest price guarantee, buying your quilting basics in the form of a kit can be a very cost-effective way to set yourself up with everything you need to create stunning quilts for family and friends, to use as bedcovers, lounge room throw rugs, or on-trend wall hangings.

Can I buy everything I need to start quilting from Spotlight?

Yes, you can easily find what you need at your local Spotlight store or by shopping online at Spotlight. We have a comprehensive selection of quilting products including fabrics by the yard, fat flats (also known as fat quarters), jelly rolls, charm packs, basting spray, quilting thread, bobbins, backing fabrics and wadding which is also called batting. There are many different types of wadding so you can make a lightweight or a winter-weight quilt using your choice of cotton, bamboo, wool or blended materials.

Spotlight also sell sewing machines and specialised quilting machines with larger work areas to more easily navigate the spread and bulk of a large quilt. Our Singer quilting machine also provides special feet for sewing bulky items, many programmable stitch patterns, a drop and sew bobbin system, drop feed for free motion sewing, twin needle sewing capability and simple push-button stitch selection.

Head into Spotlight today for all your quilting requirements!



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