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Wall art for any wall

Your choices are literally limitless when it comes to decorating the walls of your home. Following are a few options for wall art and wall prints to fire your imagination.

Canvas prints

When it comes to canvas prints, smaller prints complement spaces limited by windows or closets, while larger canvases look majestic when used to fill large, empty walls in living rooms, dining rooms and hallways.

Framed art prints

An affordable, tasteful alternative to traditional wall decorations like paintings, framed art prints are more traditional in style than canvas prints.

Plaques and wall hangings

Wall plaques and hangings are just the ticket for people who like to think outside the box. Wood grain plaques and mandalas, seagrass wall hangings and metal etchings add a distinctively contemporary look to the home, and can also recall happy travel experiences.

Wall paintings

Feature-sized wall paintings with bold lines or panoramic vistas are perfect for sprucing up plain walls and rooms or complementing the furnishings and interior design themes of your home.

Wall decor ideas for styling your home

Create a gallery wall

You don't have to limit yourself to just one canvas print when decorating a wall. To make it more interesting, fill the wall with different prints of varying sizes, and turn your wall into one that resembles an art gallery.

Convert treasured photo memories into wall art

Create the ultimate personal design touch by having treasured images and artworks mounted as custom canvasses or framed art prints. Historic photo memories can be converted into hi-res digital images by professional printers, then presented as the wall art of your choice for your family to enjoy for generations to come.

Make the most of mirrors

Hanging mirrors in various rooms of your living space is a great way to reflect light, making small spaces appear bigger and brightening your rooms. When choosing a mirror size, think big.

Recycle bits & bobs for your walls

Using wire plate hangers to create decorative plaques and displays is a fantastic interior design idea. Don't throw out your old china or dinnerware - recycle pieces to create a unique wall mosaic. You could also recycle old CDs in the same way or go treasure-hunting in op-shops for kitschy or obscure, pre-loved seven and 12-inch vinyl discs.

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