Curtain Track Gliders

Find curtain track gliders to suit a range of different curtain track styles. Repair or update your curtain track with the right gliders from Spotlight.

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Curtain track gliders are an essential hardware component for your curtain tracks. As the name suggests, these small components fit inside the track and glide along it to facilitate opening and closing your curtains. Track gliders feature a hole at the base, through which curtain hooks are looped to attach your curtains to the track. At Spotlight you can find a great range of curtain track gliders to update or repair your track. Whether you're looking for bulk packs, snap in gliders or heavy duty curtain track gliders, our range has you covered!

Curtain Track Gliders FAQs

Which type of curtain track gliders do I need?

Spotlight's selection of curtain track gliders are designed to be compatible with our easy to install curtain tracks. If you have a track purchased from Spotlight it should be straightforward to find the corresponding gliders you need. If you're unsure about which gliders you need, the best way is to remove one from the track to compare the size and shape.

How to install curtain track gliders

Some styles of curtain track gliders are designed to snap in place, meaning all you need to do is push them into position inside the track. Other types of curtain track gliders need to be threaded into the track from the end. To do so, remove the end caps from your curtain track and slide the required amount of curtain track gliders into position.

How many curtain track gliders do I need on a track?

If you have a pair of especially wide or heavy drapes, you may wish to add some additional gliders to your curtain track to facilitate ease of movement and adequately support the curtains. You should have the same number of gliders on your track as curtain hooks threaded into the curtain heading tape. The general rule of thumb is to space curtain hooks 5 cm - 10 cm apart in the header tape.


Spotlight has everything you need to complete your new curtain installation. Discover the range of ready made curtains and essential hardware like curtain rods & curtain tracks to create the ultimate window makeover. We have curtain hooks & rings to correctly hang pleated curtains on your tracks, as well as curtain track brackets & cords and curtain flick sticks to ensure ease of operation for your installed curtains. Find out everything you need to know with our how to hang curtains guide, and inform your window furnishings choice with the guide to best types for different rooms.



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