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  • Arbee Stuffing Pellets

    Arbee Stuffing Pellets

    Small plastic beads for use in shaping the bodies of teddy bears, dolls and soft toys. Use in conjunction with polyester filling to firmly pack noses and paw pads for embroidering....

    Reg: RM29.99 - RM44.99

  • Great Balls Of Fibre

    Great Balls Of Fibre

    Better than regular fibre fill, Great Balls of Fibre features fibre clusters that have been 'balled' to create little spring balls which bounce back. Great Balls of Fibre can be used wherever regular fill is used but offers a loftier presentation, and can be used to easily fill out corners or irregu...

    Reg: RM74.99 - RM99.99

  •   Hobby Fill

    Hobby Fill

    This resilient Crest-a-long fibre filling can be used for toys and cushions.

    Was: RM16.99 - RM49.99

    Now: RM11.89 - RM34.99

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