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How to Decorate with Tinsel for the Holiday Season

Tinsel is traditionally used to put a few accents on the Christmas tree, but there are other home decoration ideas you could use tinsel for. If you have some spare tinsel this year and want something original for the Christmas room, be sure to check out some of our suggestions below.

What Is the First Decoration Idea I Can Use Tinsel For?

Spare tinsel can easily be used to create some smaller tinsel trees. These tinsel trees can then be placed on the windowsill or even the mantelpiece.

To make a small tree from tinsel, you will need a small Styrofoam cone. Alternatively, you can also use a cone made from paper. Simply wrap the tinsel around the cone to create the tinsel tree. You can even fasten it with some normal household glue.

Since tinsel trees are easy to make, they can also be a fun crafting activity for kids during the holiday season. So, if you have a lot of spare tinsel, you may have the perfect thing to keep the kids entertained during Christmas family dinner.

What Is the Second Decoration Idea I Can Use Tinsel For?

Tinsel can be hung around the house as well, so you do not have to limit the use of tinsel to your Christmas tree. Tinsel can be used to make any corner of the home a little more decorative - this includes the mantlepiece, windowsills, and even doorframes.

Some Australians also use tinsel to make the staircase more festive. However, it is important to carefully decorate with tinsel, especially when used on a staircase. When used incorrectly, it could appear cluttered opposed to festive, so use your available tinsel carefully.

Another idea for tinsel is draping it around the dining room table. If you have friends and family coming over for Christmas dinner, nothing impresses as much as a beautifully decorated dining table. A little bit of tinsel can create that unique effect.

What Is the Third Decoration Idea I Can Use Tinsel For?

Still have loads of tinsel left after trying all the ideas mentioned above? Another great decoration idea for tinsel is a homemade wreath. Most people put a Christmas wreath on the door during the holiday season, so why not make yours stand out even more by making it with tinsel.

There are many ways to create a wreath from tinsel. In some cases, it can even be easier than creating a wreath from living plants. There is also no limit to colours, since you can use anything from silver to red for your Christmas wreath.

If you do not have enough tinsel for a big front door wreath, you can also use your remaining tinsel for some smaller tinsels - these can be used in the dining room for some extra decorative power.

What Is the fourth Decoration Idea I Can Use Tinsel For?

Most people will use tinsel in its original form over the tree, but there are other ways to use your tinsel on a Christmas tree. One of the popular options is so-called silver tinsel icicles, which create quite a dramatic yet festive effect during the holidays.

Silver tinsel icicles can be used on all types of Christmas trees with a variety of baubles, but the effect truly comes forward when combining it with other cool colours such as blue and white. So, if this is the type of tree you are going for this year, be sure to try out some silver tinsel icicles.

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