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Can I purchase timber Venetian blinds at Spotlight?

You can choose from a great range of timber Venetian blinds here at Spotlight. Timber Venetian blinds offer the practical functionality of blinds combined with the warm appearance of wood, making them ideal for many areas around the home. Filter the amount of light coming in through your windows exactly how you like it, and maintain your privacy with a simple touch, when you install timber Venetian blinds in your home.

What types of timber Venetian blinds do you stock?

Choose from several different types of timber Venetian blinds, as well as faux wood Venetian blinds in different colours and sizes. Also, play around with different widths of slats for a variety of different looks within your home. With colours including Cedar, Golden Oak, Brown Oak as well as white, you can create a number of different styles for your windows with these great blinds.

Can I use timber Venetian blinds for large windows?

Yes, you can! Some of these blinds go up to 210 cm width with a 240 cm drop, which will cover a large window, patio door or set of doors if needed. If your window opening is smaller, you can also take advantage of more modest sizes, as some of the blinds start as small as 60 cm wide with a drop of 137 cm, although larger sizes are also available.

Can I install timber Venetian blinds myself?

That is certainly possible. All timber Venetian blinds at Spotlight are sold with clear fixing instructions and all the fixings you require. Always take great care when installing blinds with any cords, so you do not cause a strangulation hazard for children. Follow the fixing instructions carefully to make sure that they cannot pose a danger to kids, as fatal accidents have been caused by curtain and blind cords in the past.

How can I care for my timber Venetian blinds?

Regular cleaning of timber Venetian blinds can be done with a duster, the (soft brush) end of a vacuum cleaner or even a dedicated Venetian blind cleaner. For more thorough cleaning, you can use some furniture polish. If in doubt, check the instructions for each particular blind.

Does Spotlight sell other blinds too?

At Spotlight, you can choose from a whole range of blinds for use around the house, including roller blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds in various finishes, vertical blinds, and roll-up blinds. In addition, you can find outdoor retractable blinds, roll up blinds and patio blinds here too. If you prefer to make your own blinds to match your interior furnishings, a Roman blind kit contains all the necessary items to complete that project. Revamp your windows with some timber Venetian blinds or other blinds from Spotlight for a whole new look around the house.



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