Need a new quilt for your bed, the guest room or the caravan? Then look no further than our huge collection of quilts here at Spotlight!

Available in all standard bed sizes, we offer quilts in different materials including hypo-allergenic, anti-allergy and pure wool as well as various types of feather and down from various well-known brands.

Choose your ideal quilt in sizes from single right up to super king and find the right material to keep you as warm or as cool as you like to be at night. Check individual product information for details on materials.

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  • Tontine I'm Allergy Sensitive Doona

    Tontine I'm Allergy Sensitive Doona

    If you are looking for a quilt that's easy to care for and gives you peace of mind all year, it's hard to go past Tontine. This particular quilt is filled with Ultra fibre, a synthetic substance which has been treated to be anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. This means that allergy-sufferers can get...

    Reg: RM140.00 - RM377.99

  • Mode Polyester Quilt

    Mode Polyester Quilt

    Sleep in luxury with the Mode Polyester Quilt for soft and supreme comfort. This polyester quilt will provide optimal comfort so you can indulge in a relaxing nights sleep. This Mode Polyester Quilt features durable and wrinkle resistance, make your bed look neat and tidy at all time. Feel the ultim...

    Reg: RM71.99

  • Tontine Hotel Collection Sateen Stripe Quilt

    Tontine Hotel Collection Sateen Stripe Quilt

    Enjoy comfortable sleep and add a touch of glamourous like in a 5 stars hotel with this premium Tontine Hotel Collection Sateen Stripe Quilt. Snuggling in the luxuriously soft quilt to enjoy the ultimate luxury at home. Accessorize with complete bedding range online and in store.

    Reg: RM575.99 - RM633.99

  • Ever Rest Deluxe Fibre Quilt

    Ever Rest Deluxe Fibre Quilt

    This sumptuous quilt is a great all-rounder. Filled with Dacron Duralife synthetic fibre, this item manages to be both cosy and warm as well as light and comfortable, making it perfect for use all year. Duralife fibre is incredibly fluffy, allowing for plenty of loft without the usual associated wei...

    Reg: RM233.99 - RM350.99

  •   Brampton House Anti-bacterial Quilt

    Brampton House Anti-bacterial Quilt

    Sleep easy with this light weight, all-seasons Brampton House Anti-bacterial Quilt from Brampton House Anti Bacterial range. Comprising of a polyester cotton cover and polyester fill that has been treated with Purafresh, this pillow provides low allergy and Anti-bacterial properties fit for people w...

    Reg: RM143.99 - RM233.99

    VIP: RM71.99 - RM116.99

  • Adoration Classic European Design Quilt

    Adoration Classic European Design Quilt

    A snuggly product to keep cold nights at bay, this lovable quilt is filled with Dacron Duralife fibre. Duralife maintains heat by contouring to your body, remaining warm but also light airy with plenty of circulation. It's also hypoallergenic, making this quilt a fantastic choice for anyone with res...

    Reg: RM269.99 - RM395.99

  •   Ever Rest 50/50 Duck Down Feather Quilt

    Ever Rest 50/50 Duck Down Feather Quilt

    There is nothing quite like a feather and down quilt. In nature, duck down clings together to keep the duck warm by trapping body heat. The same happens in your doona. This magnificent Ever Rest 50/50 Duck Down Feather Quilt made from high quality feather down combination material that offers stunni...

    Reg: RM314.99 - RM521.99

    VIP: RM188.99 - RM313.19

  •   Ever Rest Silver Goose 70% Down 30% Feather Quilt

    Ever Rest Silver Goose 70% Down 30% Feather Quilt

    This authentic Ever Rest Silver Goose Quilt consists of 70% down 30% feather material composition gives the perfect and just right quilt feel that is fitting to be added into your luxe interior. Great for room decorations with attractive and up-to date design, this high quality and well-made quilt o...

    Reg: RM1,034.99 - RM1,205.99

    VIP: RM620.99 - RM723.59

  • Ever Rest Blanket Cotton Loft Quilt

    Ever Rest Blanket Cotton Loft Quilt

    Ideal for summer nights, this exquisite Ever Rest Blanket Cotton Loft Quilt has cotton lining and filling for a highly breathable and light weight. Cotton is highly absorbent, drawing moisture away from your skin to provide a more comfortable sleep. Made with delicate and fine cotton material, this ...

    Reg: RM206.99 - RM314.99

  •   Tontine I'm Easy To Care For Doona

    Tontine I'm Easy To Care For Doona

    Like most of us, you'd probably rather spend time relaxing than caring for your bedding. Make things a bit simpler with this fantastic quilt which is completely machine washable and filled with synthetic Ultrafibre. Ultrafibre has plenty of loft and bounce which doesn't diminish when washed, mak...

    Reg: RM206.99 - RM323.99

    VIP: RM144.89 - RM226.79

  •   Jaspa Black All Season Wool Quilt

    Jaspa Black All Season Wool Quilt

    Stay cosy all year with this premium quilt. Filled with Woolmark approved Australian Excel Wool, this quilt features a cotton japara cover which provides plenty of comfort and protection. Excel Wool is highly resilient with a full, bouncy loft and naturally resistant to allergens. Wool traps body he...

    Reg: RM240.00 - RM345.00

    VIP: RM120.00 - RM172.50

  • Out Of Stock Jason Supreme Comfort Quilt

    Jason Supreme Comfort Quilt

    Supreme and comfort combined in this Supreme Comfort Quilt from Jason. It is made perfect for year round use and well suited for both cold and warm nights. This marvellous piece is made from premium cotton and filled generously with antibacterial treated fibre for your sleep protection. Its ultra-fr...

    Reg: RM269.99 - RM350.99

  • Out Of Stock Ever Rest Cotton Loft Quilt

    Ever Rest Cotton Loft Quilt

    This marvellous Ever Rest Cotton Loft Quilt is a lightweight, natural cotton fibre quilt that is perfect for warmer summer nights. The loft provides warmth without weight for a more comfortable night sleep. Its cotton material is high quality and highly absorbent, drawing moisture away from your ski...

    Reg: RM188.99

  • Out Of Stock Ever Rest Alternative To Down Quilt

    Ever Rest Alternative To Down Quilt

    The Ever Rest Alternative to Down Quilt is a medium weight quilt that is perfect for all seasons. Featuring a cotton cover, filled with microfiber material, this quilt will offer you superior warmth and comfort in all climates....

    Reg: RM233.99 - RM314.99

  • Out Of Stock Tontine I'm Still Growing Up Single Doona All Seasons Quilt

    Tontine I'm Still Growing Up Single Doona All Seasons Quilt

    An Ultrafibre fill is both allergy sensitive and versatile - perfect for use all year round. Machine washable and approved by the National Asthma Council Australia, this is a fantastic quilt for your child.

    Reg: RM89.00

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Can I purchase quilts at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! Spotlight offers an extensive range of quilts both online and in store. We offer all usual bedding sizes and a range of different materials from man-made polyester to natural down fillings. At Spotlight, customers can find quilts from trusted household names such as Ever Rest, Tontine, Brampton House and many other leading names. Special items such as anti-bacterial and non-allergenic quilts are also included in the collection, so you will be able to find the perfect quilt here at Spotlight no matter which type of quilt you prefer.

Which type of quilt is right for me?

That will depend on a number of things, including your preferred sleeping conditions, your budget, as well as any allergies you may have. Some people prefer a heavy, thick bed cover, whereas others like a light quilt. Many people will use two or three different quilts during the year, depending on the season and temperatures in the bedroom. Man-made materials can be quite light and easy to care for, but may not be as good at regulating your body temperature as natural fillings such as feather or down. If you suffer from allergies, such as asthma or sinus trouble, or are prone to skin conditions, you may need to invest in hypo-allergenic or allergy sensitive quilt, pillow and other bedding products.

Which sizes do quilts come in?

Our quilts come in single, double, queen, king and super king sizes. Check individual products to make sure the width and length of the quilt are suitable for your bed and bed linen. If you and your partner prefer different sleeping conditions, you could consider having two separate quilts rather than one large one, because that way will enable one of you to feel warm and comfy, while the other keeps cool! Look at individual descriptions on the website or on the product labels of quilts to find out how thick your duvet is likely to be, as thicknesses may vary.

How do I care for my quilt?

Even though your quilt will nearly always be hidden inside a quilt cover, sweat, spills and stains will get through the cover and into your quilt sooner or later. Make sure you have checked the laundry instructions on your quilt to give it the right treatment, as some can be machine washed, some need to be hand washed and some need dry cleaning. Extra-large quilts may not always fit in a domestic washing machine and would need to go to a dry cleaning service. A quilt that cannot be tumble dried may take several days to completely dry out again after being washed, so make sure you have a spare quilt on hand!

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