Add style, comfort and safety to your bathroom with Spotlight's range of colourful bath mats. With a variety of bathroom mats to choose from you're bound to find the perfect one to suit your home decor.

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Hard & Soft Bathroom Mats

Want to feel the luxurious softness of a dense rug when you step out of the shower, or would you rather have the solid and dependable touch of a non-slip rubber bath mat? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our large selection of bathroom rugs, coming in a beautiful range of colours, materials and sizes.

Choose a soft, non-slip bath mat made out of microfibre cloth, a hard bamboo bath mat that will drain water away and keep your feet dry or, for those of you prone to trips, a rubber bath mat held in place with suction cups for extra-strength stability.

Maintaining Your Mat

Water, humidity and cloth fibres don't mix well for long, so make sure to take the best care of your lovely bath mat so it stays in good condition. Depending on how often it gets wet, you may only need to wash your bathroom mat every three weeks, but if there are multiple showers happening a day, wash it weekly. Check the cleaning labels for specifics, but most bathroom mat sets are fine to use in the washing machine (the exception are bamboo bath mats! Wash these special guys by hand). And finally, always hang your bath or shower mat to dry - even between showers if you can. Over a towel rack, curtain rail or shower door will help dry your mat between uses, keeping nasty bacteria and fungi from growing in their favourite damp conditions.

What Else Can I Find in the Range at Spotlight?

  • Contour Mats: the gentle curve of these contour mats make them perfect for use at the base of your toilet or sink, keeping your feet warm and your floor clean. Wash them just like a regular bath mat.
  • Shower Mats & Bath Runners: slick shower floor giving you the slip? Spotlight's shower mats and bath runners will help you keep your feet, plus they add a nice bit of decor to your bathroom.
  • Towels: wrap yourself in a cocoon of comfort right out of the shower with our gorgeous bath towels. We have a great range of colours, styles and materials to choose from, so grab the perfect one for your home and snuggle in!
  • Bathroom Storage: lots of great bathroom accessories and nowhere to put them? Organise your bathroom with some of our handy bathroom storage Choose from hooks, hangers, shelves and caddies to keep your bathroom neat and tidy.
  • Kids Bathroom: dread getting the kids to shower every day? Our range of kids bathroom accessories will make bathtime a breeze, with bright and colourful towels, gloves and loofas to choose from.
  • Bathroom Accessories: it's the small stuff that counts, and at Spotlight we have all the bits and pieces you could want for your bathroom! Check out our range of bathroom accessories that includes plugs, tumblers, bins, dispensers and roll holders to kit out your washroom with.

Find the Right Bath Mat at Spotlight

Find the ideal bath mat for your home by checking out our bath mats online, or visit us in-store today and ask any of our lovely staff for help in choosing the right one for you.



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