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Indulge in the fun of knitting and crocheting with the yarn packs at Spotlight. Shop for great value yarn packs online for your next project.

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Expand Your Yarn Collection With A Yarn Pack From Spotlight

For a great collection of yarn colours in one place, choose any of the incredible yarn value packs at Spotlight! Our fluffy yarn packs are great if you are just starting your knitting or crochet collection and need a lot of wool fast, or they can make a great gift for a needle artist you want to spoil.

Our yarn packs are crafted by trusted yarn brands such as Value Ball and Bella Baby, so you always know you'll get good quality yarn in any of these yarn packages. Check out our wool packs for sale and enjoy diving into the amazing world of needle art!

The types of yarn packs you'll find at Spotlight

Our yarn packs come featuring a few different types of yarn fibre:

  • Acrylic yarn pack: These packs feature brightly-coloured acrylic yarn that is durable, easy to clean and so much fun to work with!
  • Polyester yarn pack: These yarn skeins are a little more resistant to shrinkage and wrinkling than acrylic, but their colours aren't quite as vivid.
  • Mixed fibre yarn pack: These packs will give you a random colour and fibre of yarn to work with, and they're great for helping inspire you to make something new! You may get a cotton yarn pack, a wool yarn pack or even a nylon yarn pack.

Yarn pack FAQs

What comes in a yarn pack from Spotlight?

Our yarn packs will contain a selection of yarn skeins in different colours. The number of skeins in a pack may differ, as our yarn packs are measured by weight, not the number of skeins per bag. Most come in a portable carry/storage bag to help you keep them tidy when not in use.

When should I buy yarn packages?

Yarn packs are useful to buy when you are just starting out your yarn collection, as you'll get a good range of colours in a single purchase. They also make great gifts for crafty friends and family members who might need a boost to their yarn collection.

How should I store my yarn?

Keep your yarn cakes and skeins tidy by securing the end with a hair clip to the main body. If you have bought a yarn pack, you can store your yarn cakes in the large carry bag they come in.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can buy individual yarn balls, skeins and cakes at Spotlight, including:

  • Acrylic yarn: This synthetic yarn is light, durable and easy to dye, and is suitable for use in most projects.
  • Wool yarn: Our wool yarn is ideal for making warm, winter accessories like scarves, beanies and jumpers.
  • Cotton blends: Combining cotton with another fibre like nylon, wool or bamboo can improve its stretchiness, durability and warmth.

Make sure to browse our yarn and needle art category for all the other tools and accessories you need for knitting and crochet!

Find the right yarn packs at Spotlight

Ready to dive into a yarn pack from Spotlight? Pay your way online and we'll deliver your yarn packages straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the perfect yarn pack for your needs.

For more information on our needle art supplies, read through our buying guides on yarn, hooks and needles. And if you need some ideas and inspiration for what to do with your new yarn pack, check out our knitting and crochet projects and our blog on knitting for beginners.



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