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Can I purchase wool yarns at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight has a great collection of wool yarns suitable for knitting, crochet and various other types of craft project. As well as wool yarn, you can find acrylic, cotton, blended and novelty yarns here at Spotlight, all available at great prices and in a huge selection of colours and thicknesses, from very fine mercerised cotton to super chunky yarn. Why not browse the whole collection today to see what is on offer? Also available from Spotlight are knitting needles, crochet hooks and all manner of craft tools, accessories and essentials to complete your projects.

Why should I use wool yarn?

Wool is a great natural yarn and has been used for centuries to keep us warm and comfortable. It is primarily sourced from sheep, but can also originate from goats, alpacas, and other animals. When spun into yarn, it still retains the natural abilities of the fibre in its original state. Here are some of the main benefits of wool yarn:

1. Insulation: wool has great insulating properties that trap your body heat and provide you with a layer of comfort on even the coldest days.
2. Breathability: the same air that keeps you warm in winter, can help wool to keep you cool in summer.
3. Strength: wool is one of the strongest natural fibres, and this strength makes woollen garments very durable.
4. Anti-crease: wool has a great resistance to creasing, so you can stuff a jumper in a bag and pull it out again crease free!
5. Water resistant: wool can soak up to 20% of its own weight before it begins to feel damp, and moisture evaporates quickly from it.
6. Fire-resistant: wool is naturally fire-resistant and will char rather than burn, extinguishing itself when the flame is removed.
7. Repels dirt: wool naturally resists static, and with that dirt or dust, and stains are easy to remove from it.
8. Ease of use: last but not least, wool is a great yarn to use if you are a beginner, it holds its tension well and is easy to handle for novice knitters or crochet lovers.

What types of wool yarn are available at Spotlight?

You will find a great variety of wool yarns at Spotlight, in different colours and styles including plain, with a marble or tweed effect (small flecks of colour) or variegated /self-striping, where different colours are combined in the yarn. Wool yarn is available in different thicknesses, usually referred to as ply. As the number of the ply goes up, the yarn becomes thicker, so 8 ply is thicker than 5 ply, and 12 ply is thicker than 8 ply, and so on.

Does Spotlight stock other yarns too?

Yes, if you decide that wool yarn is not suitable for your project, take a look at the large selection of cotton yarns, acrylic yarns, and blended yarns that are available here, to find your ideal yarn.



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