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Learn All There Is to Know About Wool Blends

Crafters who are getting a little more advanced in the art of knitting or crochet might start to explore some other options than basic balls of yarn. One of these more advanced options is the wool blend. If you are not yet familiar with the wool blend, but want to learn more about it, be sure to read the information provided by Spotlight below.

What Is a Wool Blend?

A wool blend is a specific type of wool made from both natural and synthetic fibres. Thanks to this combination, knitting and crochet lovers can take advantage of the qualities and benefits both types of fibres can provide.

What Are Wool Blends Used for?

Wool blends are usually a little smoother than basic wool, given the fact it has been combined with synthetic fibre. In some cases, the wool can be combined with silk too, which makes the material softer. Based on the blend, wool blends can have various applications.

One of the benefits of adding synthetics to wool is its water-wicking and quick-drying abilities - this makes the material suitable for projects that may encounter water - this could be a light jacket or sports clothing. Synthetic fibres are also quite resistant against pilling and abrasions, which makes them even more suitable for the creation of clothing.

Of course, crafters are not obligated to use wool blends in clothing, but it is an excellent application for it. Nevertheless, wool blends could technically be used in most of your crafting projects.

Which Wool Blends Could I Obtain at Spotlight?

Spotlight offers a great variety of wool blends - this to ensure that each crafter can find the perfect wool blend for his or her crafting project. Since we have a large range of wool blends, customers can also count on a variety of colours - this includes multicoloured options, but also basics such as black, red, blue, yellow, pink, and more.

What Does the Word "Ply" Mean in the Product Names?

When you look at some of the product names of wool blends in our catalogue, you will often see the word "ply". Ply is a word used by manufacturers to indicate wool that consists of two or more single yarns twisted together. For example, if you find a product that says it is two-ply yarn, it means it consists of two different strands.

The ply count does have a purpose where your wool blends are concerned. Usually, the higher the ply count, the stronger your wool is. So, if you are working on a project where durability is a must, then you should be looking for wool blends with the highest ply count.

Is There Any Way I Can Evaluate the Quality of the Yarn Without Visiting the Store First?

Many customers prefer to purchase their wool and yarn online at Spotlight, but that does pose a unique problem. Most customers like to feel the material before they purchase, and this is not exactly possible online. Even though customers can come to our store to purchase their yarn and wool, there is another method customers can use to evaluate the quality of the wool without having to leave the convenience of their own home.

At Spotlight, we use a star rating system, which customers can use to evaluate products. Based on the star system, you can determine if a ball of yarn or a wool blend is the best choice for you. Of course, when in doubt you can always contact the team at the Spotlight store. We will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect wool blend for your needs.



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