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Quality knitting books - featuring both knitting and crocheting patterns - will take your knitting game to championship levels.

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Top knitting and crochet books to get you moving

Even the most seasoned knitter or crocheter can run out of inspiration, so it pays to have some knitting pattern books or crochet pattern books to turn to when you're struggling for ideas - not only that, but you may send yourself down a new, exciting craft path that you never considered before.

The amount of knitting books available is, quite literally, mind-boggling. However, if you're interested in knitting or crocheting clothing for your family wardrobe, you'll get classic, timeless ideas from the Cleckheaton Country Family 2002 Pattern Book, as well as gorgeous outfits for babies in Patons Pop Tots. Even the furrier members of the family can be beautifully dressed in 'canine couture' thanks to Patons Pooch Power.

Go beyond the wardrobe and create items for the house. Jan Ollis' Crocheted Flowers forms part of the ongoing '20 to Make' series and will have you coming up with flower designs so gorgeous you'll want to attach them to everything. You might also like to test your skills by redecorating with some Beautiful Blankets and Throws or impress the Harry Potter fans in the household with the official Harry Potter knitting pattern book, Harry Potter Knitting Magic.

Macrame is particularly suited to home decorating, and you can make some unique pieces with Spotlight's own book, Macrame, with 26 projects for your abode.

Want to try a bit of everything? The Big Book of Small Projects is a fantastic knitting and crocheting book that comes in two volumes, and its 74 options for little knitted and crocheted items - booties, beanies, tea cosies, covered coat hangers, among other projects - is sure to give you endless hours of joy.

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