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No more dull blades and shoddy workmanship - ensure the sharpest point and most precise cut with the right craft knife or craft knife blade for the job.

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Craft knives & blades to get you started

A craft knife is traditionally seen as a tool with a pointed, replaceable blade that is a few centimetres in length. But there are many different craft knives or craft knife blades - art scalpels, precision cutters, utility knives and pen cutters - depending on your project.

Generally speaking, a precision cutter features a small, embedded blade, so you're most likely to use this implement for detailed work. Whereas a utility knife or other mid-size blade, such as that found in a pen cutter, is most suited to cutting through a wide variety of materials but without the fiddly bits. Retractable knives with their larger blades are particularly good for thicker materials, and for either cutting wide and curving lines or long and straight surfaces.

Slice ceramic cutters feature ceramic blades that are up to 10 times harder and sharper than steel but are designed for finger-friendly cutting, which is especially good for younger crafters.

And don't forget your cutting machine - such as a Cricut, Brother Scan N Scan or American Crafts Cutup - that will also need the right blade to ensure it slices and dices perfectly every time.

Other cutting tools & accessories

Craft scissors

Make sure your next project gets the craft scissors it deserves, and ones that you don't use for any other household purpose. Choose from a selection of special scissors designed for fabric, paper, card and many other materials so you never hack through your work again.

Cutting mats

Cutting mats are used in many craft applications, including quilting or card making, where precision cutting is essential. They not only aid the cutting process but also protect your workstation or furniture.

Paper Punches

A simple but versatile product, paper hole punches and other shaped craft punches are great for creating decorative edges and other embellishments in paper.

Paper trimmers

Similar to paper punches, paper trimmers are simple tools but ones that can make a world of difference when it comes to creating paper crafts like birthday cards, menus, invitations, tickets and more. You'll thank yourself for having them in your craft kit.

Other craft supplies

By stocking an assortment of basic craft supplies in your kit, including plenty of inexpensive paper craft items, you're ready for anything. Stash it all away with the appropriate art & craft storage and you're sure to craft up a storm!

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