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Indulge In Logan & Mason At Spotlight

Looking for quality bedding and bed linen and towels to uplift your home? Try Logan and Mason, a premier bedding brand offering divine quilts, quilt cover sets, pillows and sheet sets. At Spotlight we've collated a wonderful range of Logan and Mason bedding for you to choose from, all at competitive pieces that mean anyone can enjoy their very own Logan and Mason quilt covers, sheets, cushions and more!

Why Choose Logan & Mason?

The Logan and Mason brand is proudly Australian-owned, and has been designed for use by Australians who want to have a little fun with their bedroom decorating. Inspired by global fashion, Logan and Mason sheets, quilts and pillows are colourful, textured and amazingly patterned - with so much variety there's always something to suit your personal style.

Their fun, bright bedding designs reflect the modern Australian lifestyle, with homages to the ocean, skies, bush and forests that we are lucky enough to live amongst. Logan and Mason quilts and sheets are the perfect bases to sleep with, which can then be styled with the right cover set and bed cushions to create a cohesive look in your bedroom.

Logan & Mason FAQs

How do I choose a Logan and Mason quilt cover set?

There are many Logan and Mason quilt covers available at Spotlight, so how do you choose the right one for your bedroom? All Logan and Mason quilt covers are made from a blend of cotton and polyester, so you don't need to worry about choosing a material - instead, focus on what style appeals to you the most. Maybe you want some Logan and Mason doona covers that will blend in nicely with your bedroom and let your other bedroom decor do the talking? Look for a neutral quilt with a simple pattern. Or if you want your bed to be the focal point choose a louder, more detailed quilt cover you can design the rest of the room around.

Are Logan and Mason pillows good?

If you need a new pillow to sleep on, Logan and Mason pillows come in a useful range of materials to suit your sleeping needs. Choose a natural duck feather pillow for dreamy softness and warmth, or a cooling memory foam gel pillow for unmatched support and a cool night's sleep. Or choose some Logan and mason latex pillows if you love the feel of memory foam without the firmness! Grab some Logan and Mason pillow cases to protect your pillows from oil, sweat and dirt, as this will extend the life of your pillow between washes.

Logan and Mason also have body pillows and v-shape pillows to ensure you can rest and relax comfortably, no matter your needs.

Finally, decorate your bed with some European-style Logan and Mason cushions! They are great for resting on, and can be used to add colour and texture to an otherwise plainer bed.

Do I need a Logan and Mason memory foam pillow?

Memory foam is a synthetic material designed to warm up with your body and then mould to your shape to provide specific support that suits your needs. A memory foam pillow remembers the shape of your head for next time, and is dense enough to provide your head and neck with stable support as you sleep.

If you struggle with finding a pillow that supports you, a memory foam one may be your ticket to a good night's sleep!

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Create the perfect bedroom with us as Spotlight!

  • Bed pillows - neck and head support while you sleep is vital to waking up feeling refreshed, so make sure you find the right pillow for your sleeping style and sleep needs.
  • Bed quilts - a quilt will provide warmth and comfort, while also allowing your body to breathe as you sleep. Choose from polyester, wool, down and cotton quilts to keep you comfortable at night.
  • Fitted sheets - the right fitted sheet can assist greatly in sleeping correctly, as well as helping keep your mattress clean and free from pests. Choose from materials like flannelette, cotton and linen to sleep on.

For all your other bedding needs check out our bedding hub online!

Find the right Logan & Mason bedding at Spotlight

Browse our range of Logan and Mason sheet sets, quilt covers and pillows online, where you can quickly make your order and have it home delivered easily. You can also visit your nearest Spotlight store to view the range in person! For more ideas on what linens to buy for your bedroom, read our bed linens buying guide online. And for decorating inspo, don't forget our amazing decorate blog!



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