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Spotlight is the recommended place to buy cheap sewing machines, yet machines that provide superior quality stitches and lots of special features. From Singer sewing machines to Brother sewing machines, you can find them all in our incredible catalogue. We also provide sewing machine parts, ensuring your can keep your current one running. Need more information about sewing machines before you can make a purchase? Be sure to check out our info below!

How To Thread A Sewing Machine?

Threading a sewing machine is relatively easy. Firstly, place the spool of the thread on the dedicated pin. Then, pull the thread and wind it around the bobbin. Once it is wound around the bobbin, put the thread through the holes in the bobbin. Then, add the bobbin to the dedicated bobbin pin.

Once the bobbin is on the pin, you can start the winder by pushing on the foot pedal. Once the bobbin is completely filled with thread, you are read to thread.

Needle threader - There are special accessories that can make your needle threading a little easier. Some of these accessories can be included as a standard feature on your sewing machine. Others can be purchase separately and installed on your sewing machine afterwards.

How To Use A Sewing Machine?

The use of your sewing machine can be subject to the type of machine you have purchased. Below, we have listed some of the most common machines and their applications.

Embroidery machines - This type of sewing machine is commonly used for embroidery applications as the name suggests. However, this kind of machine can also be suitable for general tasks.

Heavy-duty sewing machines - This kind of machine is more suitable for heavy-duty fabrics, this can include leather and other harder materials. Most heavy-duty machines can also tackle everyday sewing tasks.

Handheld sewing machine - A handheld machine is solely used for minor repairs, this can be on the runway or in another environment that may require quick repairs. Its use is usually limited on fabrics such as cotton, polyester, silk and nylon.

Industrial sewing machines - An industrial sewing machine is usually limited to factories, as this machine uses an automated process to apply stitches across fabrics. It is commonly used in the mass production of clothing and bedding.

Straight stitch for testing - Not sure if you are using your sewing machine properly? Always practice with a straight stitch before you start on your project.

How To Clean A Sewing Machine?

One of the most important things to do is the removal of lint and dust. You should always open the machine and clean it per instructions of your machine's manufacturer. Simply look in the instruction manual of your machine for detailed instructions or look on the manufacturer website if the manual is no longer available.

What Is The Best Cheap Sewing Machine?

Spotlight provides the best prices for well-known sewing machines, this includes brands such as Singer. To ensure you have the best machine for your needs, check the additional features each of our sewing machines delivers.

Where To Buy A Good Sewing Machine?

As we mentioned briefly already, Spotlight provides a large range of sewing machines obtained from reliable brands. While offering these machines for the best prices, you can also count on a bunch of extra features that will make your sewing experience a lot easier. From extra wide sewing tables to an auto-threader and other unique accessories, you will find everything you need in our extensive collection. Check out the catalogue today and benefit from great deals and sewing machines with the best features.



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