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Surprise your loved ones and family with a gift from the heart with our range of beautiful gift wrapping and packaging supplies. Or add a personal touch to any party you are planning with our range of invitations and cards. No matter your party needs, at Spotlight, we've got you covered.

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What are the uses of invitation cards?

Even though the name is self-explanatory, invitations are crucial for providing your guests with all the information they need to know for your upcoming party, event or gathering. Apart from providing important information, such as the location, time and theme of your party, invitations also become sentimental keepsakes for remembering special events such as weddings and birthdays.

How to wrap a gift

Planning on surprising someone with a special gift? If you want to give a beautifully wrapped present but your wrapping skills aren't the best, then here are some simple steps on how to wrap a gift perfectly:

  • Start off by unrolling the wrapping paper out on a flat surface and measuring the amount you need before cutting off a section. To make sure you have enough, it's best to aim for about twice the size of the gift.
  • Cut off the section you need and place the gift inside the middle of the wrapping paper.
  • Take one edge of the gift wrap and wrap it so it covers half the gift. Then take the other edge and wrap it all the way around the present. Place some sticky tape in the centre to hold the gift wrap in place.
  • Now tuck the wrap on both sides inward at one end. Place sticky tape down to hold it in place.
  • Crease the remaining side into a triangle shape and fold inward, placing more sticky tape down.
  • Now repeat this process for the other side of the present. Feel free to use more sticky tape to make sure the wrapping is held in place.

How do you put tissue paper in a gift bag?

When gifting a special present to a loved one, gift bags are a great idea for going that extra mile. To add an additional personal touch, here's how to beautifully arrange tissue paper into your gift bag:

  • Carefully open your sheet of tissue paper, as this will help to add more volume once placed in the gift bag.
  • Now line the bottom of your gift bag with the tissue paper so that it is extending outwards from the top of the bag.
  • Gently place your gift inside the bag, being careful not to tear or wrinkle the tissue paper.
  • Add one or two sheets of tissue paper loosely over the top to hide the gift.

What gift accessories can I find at Spotlight?

  • Gift wrap: whether it's Christmas, a birthday or any other special occasion, our range of beautiful gift wrap will ensure your present looks stunning!
  • Party invitations: when hosting a party or throwing a special get together, make sure all your guests are invited with a personal touch with our range of themed party invitations.
  • Ribbons and bows: once your present is neatly wrapped, our huge range of ribbons and bows are the perfect finishing touch for making your loved ones feel special.
  • Gift bags and boxes: whether you're after a beautiful gift bag for gifting a special present or creating a loot bag for a birthday party, our large range of gift bags and boxes has all your needs covered.
  • Gift tags and cards: make sure your loved ones and family feel the love when giving them your gift with our range of festive and themed gift tags and cards.

Find the Right Invitations, Cards & Gift Wrap at Spotlight

Our massive range of invitations, cards and gift wrap has all your gift-giving needs covered. If you're needing to find a last-minute gift, then check out our emergency gift stash guide or our card making projects to add a homemade touch.

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