Printed Foil Balloons

With the widest selection of quality balloons, Spotlight has all your decoration needs for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions covered. In this range of printed foil balloons, customers can find some of the best themed options in the entire catalogue. Our printed foil balloons are excellent for children’s birthday parties, but they are good options for adult parties too. Check out the options available to you today and get some balloons for a really sharp price!

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Can I purchase Printed Foil Balloons from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Available in a vast collection of colours and designs, we have Printed Foil Balloons for every occasion. The Printed Foil balloons are the perfect treat for a special occasion, with so many awesome designs to choose from that would be perfect for your party or event. Whether you want to wish somebody a very happy birthday, welcome a new arrival into the family, or just looking for a treat for any other occasion you are sure to find the right balloon amongst our awesome selection. Shop our awesome printed foil balloons online or at your local Spotlight store today, for beautiful ball0oons that are sure to make the right impression.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a whole host of printed foil balloons in a wide array of colours, designs and styles. We have both single printed foil balloons available, as well as balloon bouquets. These include several foil delights that have been placed together as they complement each other so perfectly. Our character balloons including the Amscan Monsters University and Batman Bouquets have been particularly popular for a themed birthday decor. If you are shopping for balloons for a child that is fanatic about Frozen, batty over Batman or dotty about Dora the Explorer, you are sure to find the perfect balloon for you amongst this collection.

This range also includes a wide selection of Air-Walker balloons, and these are truly magical delights. Instead of rising to the air like more traditional balloons, they look like they are walking as you pull them along. Kids will love having Buzz Lightyear, Spider-Man, or Mickey as the special guest of honour at their event. Check out our chalkboard balloons to add an extra special message to your balloon display. This range also includes a selection of balloons that have been designed for those festive moments of the year, including Christmas balloons. Birthday balloons, romantic Valentine's options, and even spooktastic Halloween delights.

How can I get these Printed Foil Balloons filled with helium?

Using our handy Store Locator, you can check which one of our stores has a balloon inflation service with Hi-float options also available in select locations. We advise our customers that you order in advance as our balloon Inflation service can get extremely busy, especially over the weekends, so please check in store prior to purchasing to ensure that they have the service available.

How long will these Printed Foil Balloons stay afloat for?

Our high quality, Printed Foil balloons, last approximately 4-5 days on average. The size of the balloon and environment that it is kept in could impact how long the balloon stays afloat. Some of our Spotlight stores have Hi-Float Helium available, which will extend the life of your Printed Foil Balloon.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

We would like to remind customers that balloons that are not inflated or broken balloons can pose as a choking hazard and should be kept away from small children or pets. Releasing balloons in the outdoors can also be dangerous to the environment and wildlife, and should be avoided when possible. Some of our foil balloons may also conduct electricity and should be kept away from power lines.



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