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Shop Spotlight's kitchen linen & enhance the look of your kitchen! We offer a selection of tea towels, aprons & oven mitts to suit your cooking needs.

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Can I purchase kitchen linen at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Putting the fun in functional, our range of quality kitchen linen adds colour and style while being practical at the same time. Treat yourself to some new hand and tea towels, an apron, or protective oven gloves from this stylish selection. After tablecloths and napkins as well? Head over to our Table linen range for inspiring ideas.

Buying some new kitchen linens is a quick and easy way to create a practical, beautiful kitchen. We have a range of gorgeous kitchen linen to help make cooking meals and cleaning up afterwards a joy rather than a chore. Choose from our linen tea towels, hand towels, aprons, oven gloves, and pot holders for the perfect functional, durable and impeccably stylish kitchen accessories.

A spot check of most tea towel collections will reveal at least one holiday souvenir from friends or relatives and a motley assortment of colours and designs. Choosing some new towels and cloths that actually fit with the rest of the room will transform the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank. Perhaps colour-match them with a vibrant feature, such as a splashback or set of storage canisters, or go for a set of classic white striped towels for a complete revamp of your kitchen.

What types of apron are available at Spotlight?

Aprons are a great way to protect your clothes from stains during cooking or baking, as well as keeping you protected during the washing up afterwards. Choose from fabric aprons in a large range of different designs and styles, or opt for practical wipe-clean PVC aprons that will keep your clothing dry too. We have plain, stripes and patterned aprons in a range of colours to match your other kitchen linens or kitchen decor.

What should I look for when choosing tea towels?

Choose your material: There used to be two camps when it came to choosing tea towels: those who prefer 100 percent linen, and those who prefer 100 percent cotton. But that is changing, as ever more towels come onto the market that are made with synthetic microfibre or with eco-friendly materials, such as hemp or bamboo fibres.

Absorbency: Whatever your preferred material, the most important feature of a good tea towel is its absorbency. Nothing is more irritating when you're facing a huge mountain of pots and pans to dry after a dinner party than to be at the mercy of a towel that moves the water around the pot rather than absorbing it. Washing new tea towels before use removes any protective coating and makes the towel softer and more absorbent.

Have separate glass cloths: For cleaning glass and crystal, look for finer-weave towels, sometimes labelled "glass towel." These are made from smooth, hard-twisted cotton or linen yarns that produce little or no lint. Microfibre, which is made from a polyester blend, is an increasingly popular material for glass towels because it, too, is lint-free

Durable: In addition to being absorbent, a good tea towel should be durable. Think of how often it gets tossed into the wash, and of the various duties it performs beyond drying china and cutlery such as doubling up as an oven mitt, or wiping up spills.



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