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Transform Your Child's Bedroom or the Nursery with Spotlight's Kids Range!

Children need a place they can call their own in the home - this is usually their bedroom. At Spotlight, parents can find all kinds of supplies to make their child's bedroom extra special. If you want to learn more about this range of items? Check out the information provided by Spotlight below.

What Products Are Available for Children's Bedrooms?

There are many things parents could obtain for their child's bedroom. Below, we have created a brief overview with some of the special products you could use to make your child's bedroom even better!

Themed Bedding

One of the best ways to make a child's bedroom extra special is through one of our themed bedding sets. Nowadays, parents can buy themed fitted sheets, quilt covers, and even pillowcases. Available themes are quite diverse too, ranging from basic illustrations to Disney characters!

Chair Covers

Even though most children's chairs have quite a cute look already, you can make it even more special with one of the themed chair covers from Spotlight. You can even make the chair cover match the themed bedding, so the entire room feels a little more colour-coordinated.

Seasonal Decorations

At Spotlight, parents can also find special seasonal decorations, which could be used to make the bedroom special during certain times of the year. A good example of a seasonal decoration is the Santa Sack, which can be used to decorate your child's bedroom for the holiday season.

Storage Cube

Want to prevent too many toys on the floor? If so, you could consider one of the themed storage cubes for your child's bedroom. Not only will this motivate your child to put his toys away, it also looks smashing in your child's bedroom.

Themed Cushions

Even though there is loads more to mention, one of the last things we must mention today is the themed cushion. At Spotlight, parents can obtain themed cushions to match their child's themed bedding, but also themed cushions of their favourite cartoon character or Disney movie!

What Products Are Available for the Bathroom?

Parents can make their child's bedroom into a paradise, but other rooms in the home can be transformed to become a little more child-friendly too. Below, you will find some exquisite choices for the bathroom, ensuring that your child looks forward to bath time instead of fearing it!

Themed Bath Towels

Every child needs his own themed bath towel, because this makes bath time or shower time a lot more fun! At Spotlight, parents can find themed bath towels with all kinds of illustrations - this includes some Disney and Marvel characters!

Hooded Towels

Most children love hooded towels. These hooded towels are commonly used for babies, but Spotlight also provides hooded towels for older children too - this ensures that they remain comfortable even after coming out of the bath or shower.

Themed Face Washers

Is giving your child a bath or a shower a constant battle? Having some of our themed face washers might help. Our themed face washers come with various illustrations - this includes Pixar's Cars, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, and many others!

What Products Are Available for the Nursery?

Are you preparing the nursery for the arrival of your first child? Or are you giving the nursery an overhaul for the next arrival? Whichever it may be, be sure to check out the following products from Spotlight, which could transform the nursery instantly!

Themed Bedding

Looking for beautiful themed covers for the cot or bassinet? Look no further than Spotlight, because we offer suitable options for girls and boys!


Every baby needs a comforter! Not only will it soothe the baby, it also ensures the parents get a little extra sleep as well. At Spotlight, customers can find a bunch of suitable comforters. These comforters could be used to stock the nursery, but could also be a wonderful baby gift.

Hooded Towels

Spotlight also provides a range of hooded towels for babies, which are used to keep the baby warm and comfortable after bath time. Our hooded towels are available in various colours and designs, so we are sure you will find some that match the design of the nursery.

Where Can I Find More Products to Transform My Child's Bedroom or the Nursery?

Do you require some additional inspiration for your child's bedroom or the nursery? Be sure to check out the rest of our catalogue, because there is much more to discover. Simply head over to our kids range to discover more!

Have a question about any of the items in our kids catalogue? Or could you use more information about a certain item in our catalogue? Feel free to contact the Spotlight team for additional information, or visit us in one of the many Spotlight stores!



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