Style Your Home This Christmas With Spotlight

Style Your Home This Christmas With Spotlight

Turn your home into a Christmas paradise with the range of quality Christmas decorations from Spotlight. We have everything you need to completely transform your home into a winter wonderland, a modern holiday utopia or a warm and cosy space perfect for enjoying the holidays in! Check our top five categories for styling your home this Christmas below:

Jolly & Joy Christmas Trees

If it's realistic Christmas trees you're after, look no further than the Jolly & Joy branded range of trees. You can find an exquisite collection of Jolly & Joy Christmas trees at Spotlight with great colours, styles and accessories available, so you'll be sure to find the perfect tree to suit your home.

Traditional green pine-style trees, with or without lights, are ideal for when you want a realistic tree without the hassle of caring for a real plant.

White Christmas trees mimic a pine covered in fresh snow - you can get green trees with a white coating, or completely white trees for a more ethereal look.

Want a more unique Christmas tree? Jolly & Joy also offers trees that are blush pink, trees that are bedecked in colourful LED lights and even a modern silver Christmas tree with golden lights at the end of each branch for a more eclectic look.

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Jolly & Joy Christmas Trees

Jolly & Joy Garlands And Wreaths

Decorate indoors and outside of the home with our range of beautiful garlands and wreaths from Jolly & Joy. From realistic, natural-looking garlands to colourful metallic wreaths, Jolly & Joy has something for everyone!

Lovers of a natural look will adore Jolly & Joy's textured pine garland - it's perfect for dangling across ceilings or using as a table runner on Christmas day. Or if you're after more colour, look to Jolly & Joy's poinsettia garland, which features gorgeous red flowers along a length of glossy green leaves that look amazing across your fireplace mantle or a prominent shelf.

A Christmas wreath is the best way to decorate your front door, and they can also be used as a table centrepiece or just hung on the wall inside the home. If it's a more natural-looking wreath you're after, try Jolly & Joy's multicoloured metal wreath, featuring faux pine sprigs, pinecones, snowberries and silver leaves on a modern gold base. Or for a more eye-catching design, try the wire star garland, made up of gold wire that can be unravelled to act as a garland or wrapped up to look like a wreath.

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Jolly & Joy Garlands And Wreaths

Christmas Home Decor

While statement pieces like a Christmas tree and wreath are beautiful, little touches around the home are what you need to truly immerse yourself in the most wonderful time of the year! Small Christmas ornaments are perfect for placing down the centre of your dining table and on empty shelves, windowsills and benchtops.

For a more whimsical Christmas look, consider more fantastical decorations like standing nutcrackers, gingerbread-themed ornaments or mini wooden train sets filled with quaint Christmas characters.

If you'd like a more modern style for Christmas, look for metallic and stone decorations like our gold wire reindeer, LED mini Christmas trees and ceramic house statues. With their clean lines and smooth textures, these decorations look wonderful without overwhelming your home's style.

For a cosy and rustic Christmas theme, look for Christmas home decor featuring materials like jute, wood and faux fur. Soft Christmas stockings with faux fur trims, small pine sprigs wrapped in burlap or wooden reindeer carvings will all add a sense of warmth and texture to your home this holiday season.

Finally, add a little Christmas magic to your bedroom and bathroom with any of our colourful Christmas quilt covers, bed linen and bath mats. Featuring all your classic Christmas imagery, they're a lovely way to get the Christmas spirit into every room of the home.

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Christmas Home Decor

Christmas Lights

Walking around your neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights is a tradition for many, but what about the lights inside of your home? Spotlight has a wonderful range of Christmas-themed string lights for you to use around your house, as well as some stunning light-based Christmas decorations that are sure to impress!

You can find classic strings of small fairy lights in gold, blue and white, as well as more vintage bulb lights in a rainbow of hues. Hang them icicle-style from the ceiling, or cluster them along tables and shelves to enjoy their glow close up.

We also have more unique string lights available, like our rainbow cluster lights, our pastel bulb light strings and our red and green holly-shaped string lights. Use them to highlight your other Christmas decor or to draw eyes to your outdoor dining area.

Finally, our candy cane stake lights and 3D light ball are perfect for your front or backyard, while the light-up headband means you can bring the Christmas cheer with you wherever you celebrate. With so many Christmas light options, you'll never have a dull Christmas again!

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Christmas Lights

Christmas Cushions

Bring a touch of joy to your bedrooms and living room with any of Spotlight's wonderful Christmas cushions! With square and rectangular shapes available, you're sure to find a Christmas cushion to suit your home decor style here.

For a rustic and warm look, keep an eye out for our plaid cushions - they come with a delightful fuzzy texture in colours like red, ash, cream and blue.

You can also find Christmas cushions featuring classic sayings and phrases like 'Noel', 'Hohoho', 'Joy', 'Merry Christmas' and 'Fa la la' to bring the Christmas carol energy into your home.

Finally, we have many beautiful Christmas cushions with classic Christmas motifs like pine trees, candy cane stripes, snowflakes, reindeer, sleighs and Santa himself. These cushions look perfect on the couch or nestled amongst your bed pillows, and will suit homes styled in any aesthetic!

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Christmas Cushions

Create A Merry Home This Christmas With Spotlight

Make sure to browse the full range of Christmas decorations online at Spotlight! Or pop into your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right Christmas decorations for your home.




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