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Putting A Frame Around It - Discover Great Value Photo Frames at Spotlight

A photo frame is the 'cherry on top' of a moment in time you'd love to visit time and time again. And the perfect frame will make it even more special! At Spotlight it's easy to find the perfect picture frames or art frames for your images, thanks to the huge range of small, medium and large photo frames we have available. From stylish single photo frames to multi-frame packs, you're sure to find the perfect picture frame, poster frame or decorative photo frame here!

The Types Of Photo Frames You Can Find At Spotlight

  • Modern picture frames: Sleek, minimalist and unobtrusive in style, modern picture frames turn your focus from the frame itself to the photo or image within. That doesn't mean modern frames can't be dynamic in their materials or in their shapes - think multi-photo frames or collage photo frames. Plastic, metal and wooden photo frames can all look modern, depending on their design.
  • Decorative photo frames: There's really no limit to the choice available in decorative picture frames but, generally, if this is the kind of frame you select, you're making a statement about the frame as much as you are about the picture.
  • Shadow box frames: With shadow box picture frames, there is a depth to the photo frame which means the picture is set back deeper than other traditional frames. It's like peering through a gallery window, which can help emphasise the importance of the particular piece you are displaying.
  • Metallic picture frames: The elegance and glamour of metallic, silver or metal photo frames make them the perfect gift for important occasions, such as weddings or anniversaries. These frames look gorgeous in grand, traditional homes but can create a sense of opulence anywhere they're introduced.
  • Tabletop frames: The versatility and moveability of tabletop frames mean you can reposition them according to your mood, the season or when you're freshening the interior design of your home. Cluster together or use simply one tabletop frame as a point of interest on your coffee or side table.

We have photo frames from popular brands such as Unigift and Frame Depot for you to choose from. Browse our collections of single photo frames and collage photo frames to find the perfect picture frames for your needs!

Photo frame FAQ

What is a photo frame?

A photo frame is a wooden metal or plastic frame with a clear plastic or glass front that is used to display photos, artwork and other kinds of images. The back of the frame will be made of a sturdier material like wood or cork and can be removed to add or replace the image. You can find rectangular or square photo frames most commonly, although they can really come in any shape.

How to display photo frames

Photo frames can lie flat against a wall or stand independently on a flat surface like a table or shelf. Frames designed to hang on a wall will usually have a string or metal loop on the back designed to allow you to hang the frame off of a nail or hook in the wall.

Picture frames for displaying on a flat surface will have a stand on the back of the frame that you can pull out to keep it steady.

How to decorate with photo frames

Before you start attaching your picture frames to the wall you need to consider a few things. Have a think about how you'd like to arrange your photos on the wall - will they tell a story or run along the wall as a timeline? Are they grouped according to family and friends - or even black & white and/or coloured images? Plot it all out and make sure the arrangement is pleasing to you. Then decide on the frame style you'd like to use. Does everything match or are they purposefully contrasting and mismatched? Grouping black & white imagery is a dramatic design tactic, but adding an unexpected pop of colour here and there is equally as bold and exciting. Choose a colour that makes you smile or one that is echoed in a piece of furniture in the same room as your photo wall, like a footstool or chair.

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Find The Right Photo Frames, Picture Frames & Poster Frames At Spotlight

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