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Find a number of different wall mirrors and over the door mirrors to suit any space in your home. Discover our collection of mirrors from Spotlight.

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Discover Elegant & Classy Wall Mirrors For Your Home At Spotlight

Effortlessly upgrade your home décor with our incredible range of wall mirrors, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and functionality to any living space. Wall mirrors are excellent for reflecting natural light, making smaller rooms appear larger and brighter. Place a large mirror in your living room to create an open and airy feel or use a statement mirror in your entryway to make a lasting first impression. In your bedroom, a decorative wall mirror can serve as a chic focal point above the bed or drawers. For a touch of sophistication, consider our wall mirrors that feature ornate and modern designs. Versatile and stylish, our extensive range of wall mirrors is the perfect addition to elevate your home's aesthetic.

Enhance your home décor with Spotlight's exquisite range of wall mirrors, perfect for any style and space. Our selection of large wall mirrors is ideal for creating a sense of spaciousness and reflecting natural light, making your rooms appear brighter and more open. For a touch of elegance, explore our decorative wall mirrors, featuring intricate designs that serve as stunning focal points. Our selection of arched wall mirrors are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your interiors. Our circle wall mirrors will bring a modern, minimalist vibe, perfect for contemporary spaces, and our round wall mirrors blend versatility and style, easily complementing any décor. Whether you seek functionality or flair, our diverse selection of wall mirrors ensures you find the perfect mirror to elevate your home's ambience. Shop our entire range of wall mirrors including large wall mirrors, decorative wall mirrors, arched wall mirrors, circle wall mirrors and much more in-store or online at Spotlight today!

Wall Mirrors FAQs

How To Install Wall Mirrors For Home?

Start by selecting the right spot, ensuring it's clean and dry. Measure and mark where the mirror will hang. For heavy mirrors, use appropriate anchors or screws for wall type. Install hooks or brackets securely at the marked spots. If using adhesive strips, apply them to the mirror's back and press firmly onto the wall. Check alignment with a level. Ensure the mirror is securely attached and make final adjustments for perfect positioning.

How To Arrange Mirrors On A Wall?

Start by choosing a focal point and arranging mirrors around it. Lay mirrors on the floor to plan the layout. Use painter's tape to mark positions on the wall. Mix different shapes and sizes for visual interest. Keep spacing even, about 2 to 3 inches apart. Balance the arrangement by placing larger mirrors at the centre and smaller ones around. Use a level to ensure straight placement and secure mirrors with appropriate hardware.

How To Decorate A Wall With Mirrors And Pictures?

Begin with a large mirror as the focal point. Arrange pictures around it, mixing different sizes and orientations for interest. Use consistent spacing and balance mirrors with framed photos. Consider a symmetrical layout for a formal look or an asymmetrical one for a casual vibe. Add depth by layering some pieces. Ensure all elements complement each other for a cohesive display.

What Is The Best Shape For A Wall Mirror?

The best shape for a wall mirror depends on your décor style and space. Round mirrors soften angles and create a focal point, ideal for modern or minimalist spaces. Rectangular or square mirrors offer a classic and versatile look, perfect for any room. Arched mirrors add elegance and height, making them great for entryways or above mantels. Choose a shape that complements your interior design and enhances your space's aesthetic.

Find The Best Range Of Wall Mirrors At Spotlight

At Spotlight, we offer an extensive range of home decor including decorative mirrors, standing mirrors, rugs and wall art that are sure to provide inspiration to enhance the appeal of your home. Shop our range of wall mirrors online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you make the right choice for your home. Looking for more home decor inspiration? Look no further than our Decorate Blogs for an abundance of interior styling tips and ideas such as Wall Decor Ideas - How To Hang Wall Art At Home and The Ultimate Guide To Home Mirrors & Mirror Wall Decor.



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