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Hang your curtains with stylish curtain rods & poles that match your home style. Find easy to install curtain rods online or in-store at Spotlight.

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Hang Your Window Furnishings With Stylish Curtain Rods and Poles From Spotlight

Curtain rods or poles are a classic, time-tested way to hang and install your new curtains. Spotlight's wide range of curtain poles and curtain rod sets are ranged in sizes to suit most windows. With a great selection of materials, colours and finishes to choose from, Spotlight has curtain poles to suit any interior decor style. From simple curtain rods for temporary curtains to beautifully designed premium curtain rods find the perfect one for you at Spotlight. We have white curtain rods, black curtain rods, silver coloured curtain rods and even gold coloured curtain rods.

What Types Of Curtains Can I Hang On A Curtain Rod or Curtain Pole?

Most types of common curtains can be installed on curtain rods. The most common styles or header types used in conjunction with curtain poles are eyelet curtains, rod pocket curtains, tab top and concealed tab top curtains. These types can simply be threaded directly onto the pole or rod.

Pleated curtains including pencil pleat curtains and pinch pleat curtains can also be hung from curtain rods, using curtain hooks & rings to complete your installation!

Curtain Rods FAQs

How do I choose the correct size curtain pole?

The first step to determining the correct curtain pole size is to measure your window. Our handy guide to How to Measure Your Windows is a great starting point.

Once you know the width of your window, you can select the correct curtain rod length. At Spotlight, many of our curtain rod sets are expandable in size, meaning no cutting is required! Just ensure the width of your window falls between the minimum and maximum length of the pole.

The second consideration when it comes to curtain pole size is the diameter. Broadly speaking, the wider or heavier the curtain you're hanging, the wider the rod diameter is required to provide adequate support. Diameters of 22/25 mm or 25/28 mm are suited to heavier drapes like blockout curtains, whereas conduit rods of 16 mm are sufficient for shorter or narrower sheer curtains.

What are curtain rod finials?

Curtain finials are the ends of curtain rods. They provide the function of preventing curtains from sliding off the pole, but they are mostly a decorative feature that will add to the look of your home decor. Our rod sets come with included finials, and you can choose from a range of materials, colours and profiles including round and square.

How do I install a curtain rod?

Curtain poles or rods can be installed on the architrave (frame) of your window or placed a little above and to the side of the frame. Installing your curtain pole above your window frame can make your window appear taller, as well as allowing more light into your room when the curtains are open.

Spotlight's curtain rod sets come with all the included instructions, brackets and hardware like screws and plugs needed for installation. To correctly install your new curtain rod, you will need some basic tools such as a drill, measuring tape, pencil and a ladder. An extra pair of helping hands can also be of great assistance!

Shop Rod Sets & Curtain Poles On Sale At Spotlight

With a huge range of curtain rods to choose from, hanging your new ready-made curtains from Spotlight is a breeze! You can also find a great selection of curtain tracks that are ideal for pleated curtains. Spotlight also has an extensive selection of ready-made blinds to suit any window, decor style or budget. Our complete guide on How to Hang Curtains and Should I Use Curtain Rods or Tracks will help you fully furnish your home. Head in-store to check out the range in person, where our friendly and knowledgeable staff guide you to find the best window furnishings. You can also choose to shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery!



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