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Learn How To Install, Clean And Remove Your Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are extremely popular around the world, as roller blinds provide many benefits; this includes anything from light filtering to the provision of privacy. Since Spotlight provides an amazing range of roller blinds, we are the ones to talk to about topics such as installation, cleaning, and removing of roller blinds. If you wish to learn more, please read the information provided by our team below.

How To Install Roller Blinds?

To install your roller blinds, you will first measure the size of your window.  Once you have the measurements, you purchase your roller blinds. Spotlight has a good selection of roller blinds to choose from; this includes anything from basic blinds and Venetian blinds to outdoor roller blinds. We also provide these roller blinds in a range of fabrics.

Once your roller blinds have arrived, determine which way you want the blind to roll; this can be on the outside or on the inside. Once you have decided, secure the accompanying brackets. In some cases, you may have to trim the blinds to fit the window; this may occur if you have used incorrect measurements or if the blinds you have obtained are slightly larger than expected.

When the brackets are in place, simply hang the blinds on the brackets; this is done by carefully wedging the blinds on top. Once this is done, do not forget to add the chain to control the blinds to the device.

How To Clean Roller Blinds?

To clean your roller blinds, gently pull them down until they are fully extended. To clean your blinds, you can use a damp dust cloth or a dedicated duster. In some cases, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a specialist attachment. For persistent stains, use some soapy, lukewarm water.

How To Remove Roller Blinds?

If you wish to remove your roller blind, you will have to remove the brackets. Before you get started, close down the roller blinds first and foremost. Then, determine the location of your mounting brackets on each side. Once you have found the brackets, simply unscrew them to remove the roller blinds from the window.

How Much Are Roller Blinds?

The price of roller blinds can be variable; this due to the fact they can be made from various materials and can have different designs. Still, they are counted among the most affordable where window coverings are concerned. Below, we have discussed some of the basic roller blinds you can encounter. If you wish to learn the prices for these blinds, please enter the name in the search window on our catalogue.

Double Roller Blinds - Double roller blinds combine two different types of roller blinds into one. The first part of your double roller blind is sheer; this means that it will let in some light while still providing transparency. The second part of your double roller blind is a blackout layer; this layer provides complete privacy and blocks light from entering your home.

Blackout Roller Blinds - Blackout roller blinds are the roller blind version of the blackout curtain. A blackout roller blind will provide total privacy, but also blocks any sunlight from entering the home. Therefore, blackout roller blinds are extremely popular for bedrooms.

Day Night Roller Blinds - Day night roller blinds are basically the same thing as double roller blinds. On one hand, they can block out sunlight and provide total privacy. On the other hand, they can let in sunlight and allow you to view outside.

Roller Blinds Online - Spotlight provides an exquisite range of roller blinds online. Our range provides everything from popular Venetian blinds to double roller blinds and blackout blinds. If you wish to uncover some of the designs mentioned here today, we urge you to check out the catalogue.

Regulating Heat Through Blinds

Roller blinds can provide insulation, but they can absorb sunlight as well. Therefore, roller blinds are just as functional as curtains. The only difference? They look a little different from one another.

Light Filters - When keeping heat out or in is one of your main concerns, it is certainly a good idea to look at some light filters. These are some special light-filtering roller blinds; these allow light to come in to your home without it being overwhelming. If you have a window that constantly lets in sunlight throughout the day, and you want to tone it down, light-filtering blinds could be the thing.

As we mentioned before, Spotlight has an exquisite range of roller blinds. Of course, you can also count on Spotlight for curtains and other window treatments. When you shop at Spotlight, you can count on superior quality for the most affordable price. So, be sure to shop through our range today and upgrade the window treatments in your home.



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