Birch 25 cm Plastic Knitting Needle

Create beautiful hand knitted garments and accessories using the Birch Plastic Knitting Needles. Made from high quality plastic material, these marvellous knitting needles offers durable build with comfortable touch and feel that will help ease and enhance your knitting experience. With a nifty 5 mm x 25 cm size, it offers versatility and easy handling for you to create magnificent knits.

Country Of Origin
Made In India.
Available sizes:
2 mm x 25 cm
2.25 mm x 25 cm
2.75 mm x 25 cm
3 mm x 25 cm
3.25 mm x 25 cm
3.75 mm x 25 cm
4 mm x 25 cm
4.5 mm x 25 cm
5 mm x 25 cm
5.5 mm x 25 cm
6 mm x 25 cm
7 mm x 25 cm
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